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Modifications to My Hilux

RN105R Hilux

When I first purchased it

A fair bit has changed since I first wrote about My Hilux. I bought it as a daily driver, and toy for going on holidays every now and again, as well as for doing day trips around Perth. I’ve now started building it into a tourer, so we can camp for longer durations in relative comfort.

I don't intend on doing massive desert crossings, but to be able to take off within 1000km of Perth for a few weeks at a time would be great. It no longer gets driven as my daily driver, which means I can work on it with ease.

Things that have changed:

-          15x8 black sunnies with 33x12.5” Maxxis Bighorns

-          UHF Radio

-          LPG Conversion

-          2” Body Lift

-          ARB winch bar on the front

-          New rear wheel carrier with dual jerry can holders

-          Fitted a second gas tank (totals 135L of LPG plus 55L petrol)

-          Flexiglass canopy (painted to match the vehicle)

-          Purchased an Evakool Fridge/Freezer

-          Custom built roof racks

-          New interior light – the LED panels are incredible!

-          Purchased an RV5 Oztent with all of the accessories (second hand for a steal!)

-          Bunnings garden edging flares

-          Purchased a Go Pro Camera to record the four wheel driving goodness

Future plans:

-          Rear drawer system with fridge slide (purchased the slides for this) and fold out table

-          Canopy LED lights (strip lighting) mounted to the inside of the canopy

-          Work light (LED Strip lighting) mounted on the canopy window

-          Improving economy (re-gearing/engine modifications)

-          Snorkel

-          Building rock sliders

-          On board compressor

-          12V outlets (and 240V) in the rear drawer system

-          Dual Battery system

-          Upgraded suspension

-          Checker plate tailgate

-          Upgraded spotlights and headlights

My Hilux with a few modifications

As it stands now

My Hilux has nearly ticked over 300,000km and is still going well. I’ve considered upgrading to something else, but I am very happy with the Hilux, and will most get it set up properly and then maintain it as required. They are very reliable vehicles, and I don’t expect any major issues any time soon.

In future posts I intend on running through more details about some of the modifications that have already done, as well as guides and information on the future plans.

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