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Camping Beds

Getting a good night’s sleep when camping

Let’s face it; sleep is important. I know that there is nothing more annoying than going on the camping trip of your lifetime only to find out that you can’t sleep properly. Of course, being in a different environment can contribute to this a little bit, but most of the time it comes down to the Camping Beds that you are using. Today, there is so much camping gear on the market that is great quality which can help you get a good night’s sleep. The mattress that you are using is generally the most important part, but the sleeping bag, pillow and even what is covering you from the weather plays a part in how well you sleep. If you can improve your sleeping when you go camping I guarantee that you will have a more enjoyable time.

Types of Camping Beds

Like I mentioned above, there are plenty of different Camping Beds available. The most common is just a mattress on the floor, which works well if you set it up correctly. You can get Cots, Hammocks, Swags and a few other things that can help you sleep well. Where you are camping should play a big role in how you set your sleeping arrangement up. You want to be able to breath easily, without creating rain from the condensation in your tent, but at the same time you don’t want to freeze because of the ground, or get wet because of the weather. Different people like different set ups, so it might take you a few different products to find something that you like.

Portable Camping Beds

Unless you have a huge four wheel drive with plenty of room, there is a good chance that the Camping Beds that you take camping have to be portable. Taking a queen size mattress from your bed at home just doesn’t work! As a result, many of the mattresses are either partly or fully filled with air. The ones with a bit of mattress in them are generally more comfortable, but then they don’t fold up as small. If you pump the mattresses up, generally the most comfortable position is when your hip is just off the ground when you are lying on your side. If you pump it up rock hard you will get a sore back very quickly. Likewise, if you leave your hip on the ground you will be very sore in the morning!

Camping Bed Mattresses

Camping Bed Mattresses come in a huge range of sizes, shapes and materials. You can get single ones, double, queen size and king size mattresses. The unfortunate thing about air mattresses that sleep two is that when one moves the other does too, because the air moves around. This can be a real issue, even if the person you sleep next to doesn’t move much. I recommend that two single mattresses are better, unless they are made of foam. Make sure that you get a mattress that is large enough that your feet don’t hang off the end. Being 6”6 I know how annoying this is! If you are pushed for space and weight, there are some very light weight (and small) air mattresses out there. Gone are the days where you have to use those tiny green foam mattresses that felt like they did nothing!

Sleeping Bags for Camping

I mentioned above that having a good sleeping bag is vital when it comes to Camping Beds. If you wake up sweating or cold during the night, then you need to make some adjustments. Whether that simply means leaving more clothes on, or taking some off, you will sleep a lot better if you are the right temperature. If it is very cold, make sure that the sleeping bag is rated for that temperature, and that you are able to cover your face if you need to. Take extra blankets if you must, but ensure that you stay comfortable in bed.

Camping Pillows

Something else that makes a big difference when you are camping is the pillow that you are sleeping on. If you still throw a pile of clothes at the end of the bed and use them as a pillow then you can improve your set up quite a bit. You can easily buy one of the inflatable camping pillows, or get a small mattress like you would use at home. These make a big difference, and usually result in you waking up without feeling like you need to visit the chiropractor!

Camping Cots

Whilst this terminology might be off putting, give me a minute to explain. A Camping Cot is not like a baby cot. It is basically a stand that is set up off the ground which acts like a mattress, and allows you to sleep on it. This makes it easier to get rid of sand and dirt, and keeps you off the ground where the bugs and other animals run around! They are also very comfortable – a lot of people use them with swags. These don’t cost that much, and being aluminum don’t weigh that much either. Of course, they do take up a little bit of space, but if you are camping from a four wheel drive you can easily live with this.

Camping Swags

Swags are still very popular today, in many different climates. As they can easily be packed up and unpacked, you can ‘set up camp’ in only a few minutes. You can keep a lot in a swag too – your sleeping clothes, a torch, your mattress, sleeping bag, pillow and other clothes without it getting wet, and then throw it on the roof rack. There are plenty of different swag options out there, but I would recommend getting something that is decent quality. That way, it will last you for a long time. One of the disadvantages of these though is that they are quite big and heavy, and if you have a partner it generally means buying a tent!
With what there is available on the market today there is no excuse to be having a bad nights sleep when you are camping. Get some good quality gear, try a few different set ups and you will eventually find a way to sleep well, and then your camping just gets better and better!

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