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Camping Tables

Two different Camping Tables

Two different Camping Tables

Why buy a Camping Table?

If you have done much camping then you will know exactly why buying a Camping Table is worth the money. Trying to cook without one is a nightmare, let alone unhealthy. A Camping Table gives you ample room to set up a stove, your cooking utensils and the ingredients required. Without one, you have to balance it on a log, or even worse; put it on the floor. A Camping Table is clean, at the right level for working on and can be set up with a light.

Ultimately, you want to make cooking when camping as easy as possible. If it is a difficult task then there is a good chance that you won’t enjoy it, and as a result won’t come camping again. If you take the time to set everything up correctly then cooking when camping should not be too difficult. Just remember to think about what you want to use the table for, and then go from there.

Types of Tables

There are quite a few different types of Camping Tables, depending on what you want. The most common table many years ago was made of timber, but these days most are made from aluminum. Some tables come with chairs (most of the time they are benches) which can be good if you have children, but I prefer to take my own chairs for camping. Obviously there are quite a number of different sized tables, depending on what you want it to do.

There are plenty of different tables in terms of the way that they set up. Some simply have legs that fold out, whilst others require a lot more work for assembly. Both have their advantages. I would suggest that the aluminum tables are the best design, although if it has a bit of plastic this isn’t a problem (unless it looks weak). In general a 1 metre x 1 metre table is big enough for most of what you want to do, but this depends on how big your cooker is and what else you want to put on the table. If you get two tables, make sure they are similar heights!

Plenty of room is vital

Plenty of room is vital

What to look for

When looking at Camping Tables, I would suggest the first thing you think about is what you want the table to do. If you are limited for space, get one that packs up small. If you plan on having a big water bottle sit on the table, get something that is strong enough to take it. Look for a table that can take a substantial amount of weight. If it has legs that are weak or anything on the table looks flimsy then it’s not worth buying. Have a look at how it sets up, and make sure it doesn’t take too long. The best camping equipment is the stuff that you can use quickly!

Make sure that the height of the table is suitable for whoever is going to be using it most. I hate having to bend over too low for long periods of time! Some Camping Tables come with legs that can be adjusted, which is handy if the ground is uneven.

Where should you buy a Camping Table?

Generally the camping stores are the best place to get these, but make sure you get prices from a few different places – the same table is often a lot cheaper at a larger camping store. At the same time, you can buy these online for a substantial discount assuming the freight doesn’t cost too much

Camping Chairs

In my opinion its worth spending a bit more than you normally would to get a good quality Camping Chair. Sure, you can purchase an 8 dollar one from the local grocery store, but they just don’t cut it when you are out in the bush. Coleman Chairs are worth the money that you pay, as they last for a long time. Generally Camping Tables are too small to sit around (unless it’s only a few people) but having a comfortable chair to sit on around the fire is important for every camping trip.

Cooking is a big part of camping, and it takes a fair bit of time too. There is nothing worse than having to stand over a table that is too low, or having to move things off the table because it is sagging from all of the weight. There are plenty of good tables out there that don’t cost a huge amount of money, so have a look around and buy something that is going to last you for years to come.

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