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Coleman Sleeping Bags

One of the first things that put people off camping is a bad night’s sleep. I have to admit, if you don’t buy good quality camping gear it’s likely that you will experience this. I have fallen into the trap of buying camping gear just because it’s cheap, and always regretted it later. One of the most important pieces of equipment to take with you when you are camping is a good quality Sleeping Bag. I like the Coleman Sleeping Bags because there is a big variety, they are good value and they have a huge company behind them to back the products up.

Coleman is one of the largest camping suppliers in the world, and they strive to make products that last longer and perform better, every single day. I own a lot of Coleman camping gear and wholeheartedly recommend them. If you haven’t got a decent sleeping bag then you are ruining your camping experience; trust me!

What makes up a good Sleeping Bag?

There are so many different types of sleeping bags these days that buying a good one can mean several different things! For example, you can get sleeping bags that pack up smaller than a soccer ball, or you can get ones that are rated for camping in the snow (or you can get both if you are willing to pay for it!). A good sleeping bag is then defined by how it performs. It’s vital that you match the sleeping bag with what you want it to do. In Australia, it can be difficult to get a sleeping bag that can be used year round because of the vast temperature difference.

In saying this, a sleeping bag that keeps you warm, that is comfortable and that packs up to be relatively small is a good start. They need to be durable, easy to wash, large enough to cover your whole body and easy to zip up and down. Older sleeping bags tend to be large both in length and width, meaning that when you roll them up they are huge. This isn’t always a problem, but if you are hiking it would be! The better sleeping bags today are tapered towards your feet so that there is less air to warm up.

Sleeping bags are usually filled with a synthetic material, or down. Down is generally accepted as being better, however it does come at a cost. Cotton and Wool have been used in the past too, but these are not very common today because of how much the material weighs. A good quality sleeping bag with Synthetic Fill will keep you very warm, and they dry quickly and are quite durable.

How does a Sleeping Bag work?

A sleeping bag works by trapping air in between your body and the material and warming it up. Even if the temperatures are sub zero, if you have a sleeping bag that can trap air inside and keep it there, then you will remain warm. The air eventually gets warmer and warmer and assuming that you don’t let it out you should stay warm and comfortable. The only problem with this is that they are not always so easy to move around in! A sleeping bag is used for numerous purposes, ranging from hiking through to camping out of 4wd Vehicles, sleeping in a Camper Trailer, camping in a tent, sleeping over at a mates house and some people even use them as a permanent bedding solution!

About Coleman

Coleman is one of the most reputable camping companies in the world. They manufacture everything from lights through to tents, cooking equipment and sleeping bags. Most camping stores online and offline will stock Coleman Camping Gear, because it is great value. Of course, you will find other companies that are more expensive and better quality, but Coleman is good value for money. Coleman has been running since 1900 and as a result have had plenty of time to perfect their products!

Buying a Sleeping bag for the right climate

When you start looking for a sleeping bag, you will notice that they have temperature ratings on the bag. This tells you what the sleeping bag is designed to be used for. For example, you wouldn’t go out and purchase a cheap, light sleeping bag if you planned on going camping in the snow. You would want to get something that is rated for sub zero temperatures to ensure that you stay warm. It’s important to consider this when buying Coleman Sleeping Bags, or you will find that you wake up sweating or that you get too cold. You are better off getting something that is rated warmer than what you are going to need. After all, you can always open them up if you want to cool down a bit.

Prices of Coleman Sleeping Bags

I mentioned above that Coleman Sleeping Bags are good value for money. Their sleeping bags range from around $30 right through to a few hundred dollars, depending on what you want. For the average person though, $90 would get you a decent sleeping bag. However, if you are very tall, or you want something a little more extravagant then there are other options which will cost a bit more.

Sleeping bag liners

Sleeping Bag Liners are basically a thin version of a sleeping bag that you put inside of the sleeping bag in order to keep it clean. When you are camping it’s not uncommon that you get into bed a bit dirtier than you would back home. Rather than washing the whole sleeping bag when you get home, you can just pull the liner out and wash that instead. Of course, some sleeping bags come with removable liners meaning these are not necessary. The most comfortable Sleeping Bag Liners are made of silk, but be prepared to pay 50 – 60 dollars for one. If you want a cheap alternative, buy a sheet and stitch it up. This works fine for most people, and it will save you a lot of washing.

Where can you purchase Coleman Sleeping Bags?

You can get Coleman Sleeping Bags from most camping stores, both online and offline. It’s important to shop around though, because Coleman does not sell direct. This means that the business selling the Sleeping Bags will put their own margin on top, and these vary considerably. Often purchasing online is a great way to save some money; see eBay below!

Coleman Sleeping Bags Bigfoot Range

Being 6”6 I will just quickly mention a new range of products that Coleman has brought out. After struggling for several months to find a sleeping bag that was big enough and warm enough without paying several hundred dollars I came across the Coleman Bigfoot Sleeping Bags. These are designed for those that are quite tall, and it is by far the best money I have spent on any camping equipment. On a cold night there is nothing worse than not being able to cover your shoulders up, let alone your head!

Cheap Sleeping Bags

To be honest, I would only look at Cheap Sleeping Bags if you very rarely go camping. A cheap sleeping bag tends to break down quickly, not keep you warm and be poorly made. I have gone through a number of Cheap Sleeping Bags and watched them fall apart, and as a result will never purchase another one again. It is often said that if it keeps you warm or helps you sleep then you shouldn’t skimp on it. It’s worth spending the extra money because you won’t have to replace the equipment as often!

Other Coleman products

As I mentioned above, Coleman make a number of other products that are great for camping. This ranges from Coleman Chairs through to the a Coleman Air Mattress. Just a few extra pieces of camping equipment can make your life that much more enjoyable when you go away. This includes an Ice Chest, Portable Toilet and Portable Shower along with a good quality Camping Light and mattress. If you take the time to set your camping gear up correctly then you will have a lot more enjoyable trip, every time.

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