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Our new camping kettle

For years and years, we’ve had a basic stainless whistling kettle that we’ve taken camping. It works fine, except for one thing; you cannot avoid spilling hot water when pouring. Now, looking back, I have no idea why we put up with it for so long.

Coleman Eventemp Burner

Our old kettle

In fact, our 240V kettle died at home over a year ago, and we’ve been using the same kettle since. Going camping often meant we forgot the kettle at home, and yet we never replaced it.

I don’t know why it doesn’t pour properly. I suspect its something to do with the lip on the inside of the spout, but whatever it is, boiling water spilling as you fill drinks up. The old hot water landing on you dance might look funny from a distance, but its not so funny when you are the one its happening to.

So, I did what we often do – wait until someone I know has used a product for long enough to vouch for it, and then buy the same thing. In this case, its a Campfire 2.5L kettle, in bright blue. As usual, we picked it up from Snowys; the cheapest and best place I've found to get your camping gear in Australia and its delivered to your door!

Campfire kettle

Our new, shiny blue kettle

This thing is a beauty; it whistles, which we love, looks good, holds water easily and most importantly, doesn't spill hot water down your legs.

You can open the top to fill it up quickly, fold the handle away and its small enough to store unobtrusively. This has been heavily used, and sat in the back of our ute for months of travelling, bouncing around and not being super well cared for, and despite a nice coating of dust, its fared very well.

Campfire camping kettle

It works brilliantly

Campfire kettle

A closer look

The one thing I'd like it to do is be compatible with the fire, which it isn't, but I've yet to see a whistling one that you can use on a fire. Generally if we are warming water up on a fire its done in a big stainless bucket anyway, so no real issue there.

If you are looking for a new camping kettle, give this a go. We are super happy with it.

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