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Portable Shower

P4033732 300x225 Portable Shower

A great addition to the camping set up

A Portable Shower is one of the best items that I have ever purchased for camping. A lot of people are put off camping because of the lack of facilities, and because you are dirty and uncomfortable at times. The reality though is with the right equipment camping anywhere can comfortable.  A Portable Shower doesn’t cost that much for something basic either, although you can spend a lot more if you want to! The cheaper showers just have a small 12v pump which you put into a bucket of hot water. The pump runs off the cigarette lighter plug in your car, or you can run it on batteries as well. I would highly recommend getting a  as they are cheap and they seem to last very well.

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2517583128874040 1 Portable Shower
AU $160.00 (1 Bid)
Time Remaining: 10h 48m
1613989640564040 1 Portable Shower
Portable Outdoor Camping Travel Auto Car Pet Dog Shower Spa Wash Kit 12V
AU $23.99
Time Remaining: 29d 5h 45m
Buy It Now for only: AU $23.99
3309173233524040 1 Portable Shower
COLEMAN Hot Water On Demand Gas Heater Carry Bag Spray Shower Hose Adapter
AU $299.95
Time Remaining: 4d 17h 11m
Buy It Now for only: AU $299.95
3216162668704040 1 Portable Shower
Coleman Hot Water On Demand Shower
AU $100.00 (1 Bid)
Time Remaining: 1d 23h 12m
1814977497264040 1 Portable Shower
AU $269.00
Time Remaining: 26d 13h 24m
Buy It Now for only: AU $269.00
1816118912274040 1 Portable Shower
12volt Camping Shower Turbo Shower Ideal for Caravans RVs
AU $15.00
Time Remaining: 2d 16h 48m

All you need to do then to have a nice shower is to heat up some water in a pot, and put the pump into the water. Hang the shower rose above you and you can then use the shower as a normal one. Sure, the water flow isn’t usually as good as a normal shower back home, but it sure beats nothing when you are dirty in the bush! What is even better is that they aren’t too hard to set up and they are cheap too. Of course, if you want something a little more luxurious and easier to use, then you can get a Portable Shower that has the water heated by your engine in the car. The photo above was taken at Lucky Bay. Having a Shower to wash the salt water off was very nice, and we also purchased a Portable Toilet which is another item worth buying!

P4033745 225x300 Portable Shower

A small tent is all you need for some privacy

What about privacy with a Portable Shower?

Privacy is always an issue when showering, and to solve it we purchased a little Shower Tent, which springs open when you get it out of the packaging. You can get ones that are held up with poles, but these take longer to set up. The ones that spring open still have poles to support them, and you peg the corners down to ensure it doesn’t move. These offer all of the privacy that you need, meaning you can get changed in the shower cubicle, and you always have somewhere to hang the shower rose from. These are not very expensive either, which means you can camp in luxury without breaking the piggy bank too much! Its not too hard to get a and these give all of the privacy that you need!

logo Portable Shower
1715782914074040 1 Portable Shower
UHAPI Portable Ensuite Single Camping Shower Tent Change Room With Rainfly
AU $51.00 (9 Bids)
Time Remaining: 1h 37m
4007383062824040 1 Portable Shower
AU $28.68
Time Remaining: 15d 18h 49m
Buy It Now for only: AU $28.68
3509590027024040 1 Portable Shower
Pop Up Twin Duo Ensuite Shower Tent Outdoor Camping Portable Toilet Change Room
AU $99.95
Time Remaining: 26d 18h 36m
Buy It Now for only: AU $99.95
1816103542394040 1 Portable Shower
UHAPI Portable Ensuite Double Person Camping Shower Tent Change Room Camp Toilet
AU $66.00 (10 Bids)
Time Remaining: 1d 12h 27m
3907488487704040 1 Portable Shower
Pop Up Camping Shower Toilet Tent Outdoor Privacy Portable Change Room Shelter
AU $34.95
Time Remaining: 24d 17h 29m
Buy It Now for only: AU $34.95
1115275927884040 1 Portable Shower
Pop Up Privacy Ensuite Camping Shower Tent Outdoor Change Room Toilet Shelter
AU $29.99
Time Remaining: 5d 23h 29m
Buy It Now for only: AU $29.99

P4033740 300x225 Portable Shower

The cheaper showers run off the cigarette lighter

Can I use my car to heat up water for the Portable Shower?

Some of the more advanced Portable Shower setups run directly through your 4wd Vehicles engine. You can easily add the components to your engine to do this as well, by putting in a heat exchanger and some extra pipe work. Basically water flows through the engine whilst it is running, and is heated up. These require less work to set up (once installed) but tend to cost more.

It all comes down to where you go camping, when you go and how often you go. Obviously if you live out of your vehicle then spending the extra money to get a shower setup in your engine bay is going to be worth it. However, if you only manage to get away a few times a year then perhaps you can get away with a simpler setup, and manually heat up the water on the burners.

P4033759 300x225 Portable Shower

A pot of warm water and the shower pump

How much water do you need for a shower?

A Portable Shower doesn’t have to use a huge amount of water. When you are in a remote area you won’t have water to waste anyway, so you need to limit it. However, if you are next to a lake or stream where the water is of good quality, you can shower for as long as you want! I have found that in between 5 and 10 litres of water is more than enough, assuming you don’t have the shower on full and you turn it off when you don’t need it. We use a big crab pot to heat the water up in, and you can also use it for cooking crayfish and crabs too (if you get any!). When you are camping even a two minute shower is well worth it!

P4033743 225x300 Portable Shower

The Portable Shower unit

Make your own Portable Shower

Those who have some sort of plumbing experience will be able to make up your own Portable Shower system. I have seen set ups that pump water out of a stream into a drum and then heats it up. If you know what you are doing and you have plenty of water you can easily get a shower which is as good as the one at home! It’s not too hard to install the heat exchanger and other components in your engine bay too, which is a good option for those who are camping regularly.

At the end of the day though, camping doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. If you take the time to get the products which make your life more enjoyable and functional when you are out bush, camping becomes a whole lot more fun. I know that having a portable shower along with us makes a number of people more willing to get out and about and enjoy Australia! Have a look at my Camping Gear List to find out what else you should take with you.

P4033762 300x225 Portable Shower

Ready to use!

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