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If you want to get in contact with us, you can either leave a comment on one of the posts, add us on Social media or send an email. If you have a question that other people would benefit from, please do not send me an email - leave a comment and I will answer it.

Our email address is admin@4wdingaustralia.com

See you out there.

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  • Hi Glenn,

    I’ve had a bit of a look at your vehicle. Unfortunately, I’m no expert when it comes to these things. I can see you’ve changed the exhaust, and fitted an intercooler. Have you had the diesel pump looked at? Are they standard size tyres? I’d imagine you are carrying quite a bit of weight, and its not exactly aerodynamic. When do you need the torque; is it just at higher speeds?

    Beyond this, the only thing I can think of is fitting a different turbo, losing some weight and improving the aerodynamics. The engine is not hugely powerful though, and is probably just about at its limit without spending a reasonable amount of money


  • Tom

    Looking for some info on getting my Nissan Patrol TL-i exhaust done. 5.6 ltr v8

    Do you have off the shelf exhausts or are they custom built

  • Hey Tom,

    We don’t sell any products. There should be off the shelf options though; have you contacted Beaudesert, or other aftermarket exhaust shops? Where are you located?


  • Simon Baker

    Hi Aaron, I have checked some of your posts regarding youcamp.com. a few weeks ago they upgraded their site but a fair few of the previous camps have dropped off. I assume it takes some time to get the property owners to re upload their details, but I am very keen to head down to Wedge Tail Eagle Retreat this weekend, would you be able to send me a link to them.. or their email address. I have googled it and its a bit depressing… links to a Hospice care in NSW

  • Hey mate,

    Shame about that. I will have to work something out. Give her a call – her facebook page is at https://www.facebook.com/Wedged-Tailed-Eagle-Retreat-204725659431/, with her number on it.


  • pat

    Hi Aaron,
    We are a small Australian company who manufacturer water bladder tanks, these allow you to store and carry drinking water.
    Our 4WD / Camping customers love our Tanks and always offer to pass on how great they are.
    As a small Australian company it’s always good to get the word out about great products especially as they are very useful to all the outdoor adventures out there, so hope you don’t mind me posting here.
    We offer free shipping Australia wide and weekly specials too, see our Website for more details http://www.packatank.com/ Thanks Pat

  • Hey Pat,

    Thanks for popping buy. Glad to hear of your company and products; I’ve just been looking into bladders recently; might be in touch!

    Best of luck to your business

  • carmen

    Hi I was wondering how i can make a booking fro steep point camping site? Do they have a number

  • Hey Carmen,

    They do – ring 08 9948 3993


  • john

    I am newly immigrated to Aus from Canadia and my wife and I dream of 4WD touring this incredible land. We are looking at a 1998 series 80 with 255K km. The oil is filthy black and log book says last changes were 242K and 211K. 31,000km between oil changes, even if synthetic, is a long time. is the engine stuffed?

  • Hi John,

    Is it the petrol motor or diesel? The service interval for a petrol is 10,000km and diesel is 5,000km. Is there a chance its been serviced in between and not recorded? If it is diesel, the oil goes filthy black after about 1500km anyway, due to carbon build up. How is the rest of the car? Is it priced well?

    I wouldn’t completely rule it out, but would definitely be careful with it. Best of luck.

  • Ryan

    Hi Aaron ,

    Iv been going through your website and has some great info on it …. I am planning a 2 week 4wd camping trip with some of the boys should be 3 cars all up ……we are looking to go next month driving from Perth straight to Esperance and following the coast line right back up to Perth .

    I noticed you stayed in a lot of camp sites can you simply not just camp on the beaches or is this not allowed .?

    Also what kind of recommendations would you have for places to see in that time frame think we have 11 days to be exact.? rough plan is to hit Esperance and surrounding beaches straight up followed by Brema Bay , Albany , Denmark , Busso/ Marg River / Perth

    Any information or suggestions would be much appreciated .



  • Hey Ryan,

    Israelite Bay you can pretty much camp wherever you want. The rest though, are all designated national parks or caravan parks (duke of orleans). I guess you could camp on the beaches east of Esperance, but not sure if you’d get in trouble for it; maybe ring the Esperance ranger? I wouldn’t do it west of Esperance unless you had confirmation it was ok to do so.

    Are you doing anything east of Esperance, or heading straight back to Perth?

    We did 3 nights Israelite Bay, 3 at Thomas River, 3 at Duke of Orleans, 2 at Stokes National Park, 2 at Bremer Bay, 2 at Waychinicup and 4 at Parry Beach.

    In general, the closer you get to Perth the busier and more touristy it gets, so maximise your time on the southern coast. Bremer Bay, the Fitzgerald National Park, Walpole, Albany and both sides of Esperance are epic.

    Enjoy mate

  • Debbie Nelson

    Hi Aaron, was just wondering how or who I can find out info on the condition of the Holland Track for Easter in 2 weeks time.

  • Hey Debbie,

    The Land Cruiser Club of WA manages the maintenance of the Holland Track with Track care and the DPAW. You could contact them – http://tlccwa.org.au/home/adopted-tracks/holland-track/

    Otherwise, have a search on Facebook – there were a few posts early on in March, but there’s been some rain since then. I’m sure if you ask on one of the pages someone will have done it recently. Come back if you can’t get any information and I’ll poke around