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Climbing the tree’s at Pemberton

Climbing the tree's at Pemberton

Next time you are in Pemberton, check out the two tree's that have been set up for climbing. At nearly 70 metres, they are a lot of fun!

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  • I love the climbing trees, they’re such a unique experience. I’ve climbed all three despite being terrified of heights!

  • We had a lot of fun doing these; it’s incredible with all the liability issues going around they are still open to the public!

  • Yeah, it’s so awesome that they keep them open! I sh!t myself everytime I climb one!

  • The ranger does it at least once a month to check the condition, but I’d hate to see what would happen if someone slipped

  • Whoa! I’m a bit afraid of heights – but I bet the view from the top is awesome!

  • Cheers for the visit. It’s worth doing; such a great view!