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Perth 4×4 tracks

Perth 4x4 tracks

To find out some of the 4wd Tracks in Perth that are accessible, have a look at Perth 4WD. If you are looking for tracks across the rest of WA, check out WA 4WD Tracks.

The picture above was taken a few years ago, in an area where your 4wd vehicles were still permitted. Now however, that has been shut off. This is usually because of people dumping rubbish or making new tracks. As a result, you now have to drive out to the Mundaring Powerlines Track or go to Brunswick 4×4 for your better four wheel driving. As long as you look after these tracks they will stay open.

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  • Matt

    Would you be able to let me know where a good challenging track would be close to Perth thanks.

  • Aaron

    Hi Matt,

    Mundaring should do the trick, but it is quite challenging in the wet. What vehicle do you drive?


  • shehan

    we hav a nissan patrol 2008 with some 33 muddies what would b a fun mud track

  • G’day Mate,

    Try Mundaring Powerlines Track and Brunswick 4×4


  • Indi

    Hi, we have subaru outback 2010, 2.0D. Wondering which track that we can try, since it’s not a 4wd car, and we only drive it on normal road. Any recommendation? Thanks 🙂

  • Hi Indi,

    The main issue you will have is clearance. Have you tried it in sand? I would have thought with the right tyre pressures it would go OK on most beaches. White Hills, Wilbinga, Lancelin, Wedge Island and Dwellingup would be a start. You could even do parts of the Mundaring Powerlines Track, but just watch for any bigger rocks or ruts that are likely to damage the vehicle. The Logue Brook to Harvey Track should be easily done too.I’d also suggest buying the 4×4 Days out of Perth book – well worth it. There are a number of trips in the book for ‘soft roaders’.

    Have fun,

  • Indi

    Thanks buddy! I will buy the book and also will look at the tracks that you gave. Much appreciated. Cheers.

  • josh

    Hey mate I just got a new Ute it’s a 2009 triton turbo diesel and it stock standard and I was just wanted to no some good tracks to do around Perth and I come from Tassie and done a bit of 4wd and camping I like my finishing in rivers and and camping close bye with tracks around it you no and beach finishing but the only thing is the Ute is metallic black and I like to keep my ute nice so yeah if ya can help me out that would be wicked thanks mate


  • Hi Josh,

    That’s the problem with buying a nice fourby – you have to be careful with it!

    Dwellingup has some great camping and fresh water fishing, as well as a whole heap of other activities you can do. Also, check out Perth 4WD Tracks

    Take it easy


  • Shaal

    Hi there,

    We have recently moved to WA from NSW and just bought a Toyota Landcruiser with all the camping gear.

    We want to meet likeminded “amateurs/newbies” to the scene that want to get away for weekends etc around WA.

    Most of the 4WD clubs we have come across are pretty full-on to join which is a bit daunting for us at this early stage. We are only learning and don’t want to ‘tread on the toes’ of the experts.

    Can you recommend anyone to contact? Any clubs or even forums to get on to get started?

    Cheers, Shaal

  • Hi Shaal,

    Jump on the Perth 4×4 forum; they regularly do trips. Also, 4WD Action has lots of Perth members who would be willing to take you out. Just take it easy; get the right recovery gear, use the right tyre pressures and don’t attempt anything you aren’t comfortable with!

    Best of luck

  • John

    Hi I got a 2010 Rav4. I did the dunes in Lancelin with it and I think it did alright.
    Do you think I would be able to do the Mundaring Power lines track with it?

  • G’day John,

    You should be able to do most of it, just watch out for big rocks. I’m not exactly sure how much clearance they have, but that will probably be the biggest issue. If you are confident you should be able to do most of the track without any issues.


  • ashton

    i have a stock mazda bravo 4×4 and im pretty keen to go to the mundaring powerline track
    do you think it would make it
    cheers ashton

  • Hi Ashton,

    I’m not exactly sure of what condition it is at the moment. However, with the recent rain it could be slippery in places. Go with another vehicle, take it carefully and don’t attempt anything you are unsure about and you will have a great time.

    Enjoy mate