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Rough Water

Rough Water

This photo was taken on a very rough day at Canal Rocks, near Dunsborough. The area is notoriously known for being dangerous, with undercurrents, big waves and unpredictable water. In saying that, on a calm day if you are careful diving around the rocks is great. It all comes down to being careful and thinking a bit before you jump in!

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  • Great photo!! I love Canal Rocks on days like that.

  • Cheers. It’s quite an amazing place. You can dive there, but it has to be very calm!

  • I’ve been swimming and snorkeling there before on a calm day and saw lots of fish, but I think scuba diving would be better. I’ve heard about a reef not far to the north of Canal Rocks that’s great for diving, have you been there?

  • Yep, Scuba diving would be better, no doubt. I’ve dived a reef around the little rock that sticks out off the point at Smiths beach; not sure if that is what you are talking about. It was deep though; it drops from 5 metres to 20 almost instantly!