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Ute Camping Set up

Ute Camping Set up

For both dual cab and single cab utes, a canopy like the one above is great for camping. You can set drawers up that pull out on either side, as well as a fridge and you still have plenty of room for spares. Many of these canopies are strong enough to hold a Roof Top tent, which is a great way to conserve space. Note the set of Maxtrax - something every 4wd travelling Australia should have!

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  • Jim

    We have a Mitsubishi Triton 2007 4×4 turbo diesel single cab flat tray ute.
    Is it possible to have a canopy for a flat tray ute. (with removable sides)

    Thank you

  • Hi Jim,

    I’ve seen several canopies that bolt onto the standard removable steel sides (the ones that fold down). Have a chat to Flexiglass; they make great canopies