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Blackwall Reach

Blackwall Reach is a set of cliffs that are located right on the Swan River. They are frequently used for jumping, rock climbing, scuba diving and swimming. There are a number of people that have been seriously injured or killed here though, so you need to be careful what you are doing! In saying that, if you are careful then it’s pretty hard to hurt yourself; so many people use it, every day.

Where is it?

To get to Blackwall Reach you need to drive to Point Walter. If you park near the tennis courts on Honour Ave, you just need to walk west along the concrete path that follows the cliffs. You will come to a fence which a lot of people jump over to get off the biggest of the cliffs (this is known as Never never). Further along the path there is an actual set of stairs. There is a ladder set up there, and it’s a bit easier to get up from the cliffs too.

Plenty of Boats Moored!

Plenty of Boats Moored!

Rock Climbing at Blackwall Reach

Due to the awesome formations in the cliffs, Rock Climbing has become popular over the years. The rock is limestone, but is quite easy to climb along. Even better; if you fall you just land in the water! You don’t need to be more than a metre above the water either to find some very challenging places! Just make sure you wear shoes as the rock can be incredibly sharp.

Point Walter at night

Point Walter at night

Scuba Diving at Blackwall Reach

Another very popular sport near the cliffs is Scuba Diving. The water goes to 30 metres deep in some spots, and the sea bed is littered with old cars, motorbikes, shopping trolleys and many other items that have been driven or pushed off the cliffs over the years. It’s certainly an interesting dive, but it can be a bit of a challenge taking all of your gear down the cliffs. You can snorkel here too, but don’t expect to get to the bottom unless you are very experienced!

Enjoy the view as you drop!

Enjoy the view as you drop!

Jumping off Blackwall Reach

This is the primary reason that people visit Blackwall Reach. It is also the main cause for people getting hurt or killed (but alcohol and idiocy is usually a huge contribution too!). If you step out well, point your toes, cross your arms over your chest and block your nose then you won’t hurt yourself. If however you choose to flip, dive or land any other way than toes first, you risk seriously hurting yourself. The heights get up to over 15 metres, and water isn’t very soft at that height! I have seen a number of people dive off these cliffs and come up swearing with red and blue backs. It really isn’t worth doing stupid things at such a height.
Blackwall Reach is a great place to have some fun, but you need to do it safely. I’m not suggesting you jump off the cliffs, but have a look if you want something to do!

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