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Perth Attractions

Perth from Kings Park

Perth from Kings Park

Perth is one of the most remote cities in the world, but you wouldn’t know it if you visited. I have grown up in Perth, Western Australia and thoroughly enjoyed it. I have travelled a fair amount of Australia and also New Zealand, but still think Perth is a great place to live. When you are new to a place it’s often hard to find something to do, which is where this part of the blog comes in. I am going to mention various places that you can visit from Perth, including events and well known tourist spots. Perth Attractions range from great beaches right through to secluded places in the bushland.

Perth has quite a few places that you can visit without driving too far. I have only included places that you can visit in a single day, without having to stay there for a night under this section. Something that I have learned to appreciate in Perth is the bush and nature that is so close. Places like Serpentine Dam, Araluen, Kings Park, great beaches and many more grab the attention of the many tourists that visit Perth each year.

The Swan River runs through Perth

The Swan River runs through Perth

Late night shopping in Perth

Late night shopping for the main shopping centres in Perth is on a Thursday night. Just to confuse you, the main city shops are open for late night shopping on a Friday night. Most retail shops on a normal day will close at around 5:30pm, but some are open through to 7:00pm. Restaurants and eateries are open every night until late (with some exceptions!).

Perth Restaurants

There are some great places to eat in Perth, depending on what you like. Fremantle is known primarily for the fish and chips near the beach, whilst there are some amazing Indian, Thai, Chinese, Italian and European restaurants scattered throughout the city. Miss Mauds can be found in the city centre, which is a buffet and is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are a number of great restaurants that line the Swan River, and along the many beaches that Perth has to offer.

Kings Park water fountains

Kings Park water fountains

Kings Park

Kings Park is a large area of bush land and grass which has been made into a prime tourist destination. It overlooks a huge portion of Perth and South Perth, and has provision for Barbeques, great picnic lunches and walks through the bush. There is a huge playground which the kids love and a bridge which provides some great views for photography. It is probably the number one destination for tourists visiting Perth!

The Avon Descent - a race down the river

The Avon Descent - a race down the river

Events in Perth

There are quite a few events in Perth. The Royal show happens every year at the beginning of October. There are a heap of rides to go on, lots of show bags to buy, horse racing and many other interesting bits and pieces. It’s almost like a portable theme park combined with shows and more, and runs for a full week. The Avon Descent is a boat race which happens every year when the river level is relatively high, and it is always fun to watch. In recent years we have also had the Red Bull Race, but it isn’t always in Perth. Every Australia Day (26th January) there is fireworks on the Swan River and most of Perth gets out to enjoy them.

Rottnest Island, via a ferry

Rottnest Island, via a ferry

Perth Beaches

Perth has some of the nicest beaches in the world, including Scarborough, Trigg and Hillarys. The beaches are white, clean and have nice water to swim in. Most beaches have a huge number of shops and restaurants lining them, so if you ever get hungry you know where to go. Hillarys is a popular place to visit just north of Perth, on the coast. It has an amazing underwater world (AQWA) that you can spend a day viewing, some great shops and an atmosphere that tourists love.

A rhino at Perth Zoo

A rhino at Perth Zoo

Nature in Perth

You only have to drive under an hour from the centre of Perth and you can be in the middle of some amazing nature, and that doesn’t include the beaches. South of Perth lies some huge Jarrah and Karri Forests. There are also plenty of freshwater lakes to enjoy, dams and various other places in nature which you can only see in the South West of Australia. It’s not very hard to find a secluded spot south of Perth amongst the wildlife and enjoy a day out. I will add a post to this section every so often, and hope you enjoy it. My aim is to increase the information available on the internet and to answer the question 'What can I do in Perth?"

Swan River from Heathcote

Swan River from Heathcote

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