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Travel Western Australia

Western Australia is a large part of Australia which in my opinion (not biased at all!) has some great places to travel and check out. Whether its far north in places like Coral Bay or Broome, or right in the bottom corner of W.A like Dunsborough,  there are some absolutely amazing places to see. To start off with, I will be going over the various places that I have been to in Western Australia, with a basic review, tips and guides on any places that I particularly enjoy over another. I will also try to make things a little clearer in terms of where you can get your information from, how you can entertain yourself in various places and where to stay. If you ever get the chance, Travel Western Australia; you won't regret it.

Rottnest Island, in one of the bays

Rottnest Island, in one of the bays

I am someone who loves to travel, regardless of whether it means I need to stay in a tent for two weeks at a time (which I have done at Coral Bay) or whether it means staying in a nice house on the beach. Make no mistake however; I don't have unlimited money, which means that I try to stay at places which are good value. For those of you who have never been to Western Australia, you are truly missing out. Asides from the huge amount of pristine beaches, great camping grounds and great people, there are so many different things to see, which means entertainment for everyone!

Make no mistake though; W.A. is not a small place. You can't just drive from one side to the other in a few hours, and it can be very tiring doing long trips. When you are traveling long distances such as these, its vital that you are prepared. On our way to Coral Bay, we blew two tyres and had to drive several hours extra to get new tyres fitted. This meant a trip which is normally around 13 hours from Perth took just over 18 hours. I've learned many things in my time traveling around Australia, and I hope to share these with you. Being someone who is very interested in Four Wheel Driving, Boating and Camping, I have a wealth of knowledge which I would love to share with you all.

Broome Bushrangers camp 2005 158

Broome Flats at Sunrise

About WA

WA takes up the Western third of Australia. It's capital city is Perth, which is where I live. Majority of the major towns and cities can be found along the coast (like the rest of Australia), due to the generally better weather. The climate changes incredibly from North to South, with rain in the summer and cyclone weather down to cold, wet winters. The temperature in summer can hit 45 degrees celcius, which is quite hot. Luckily, we live near the beaches and are able to cool down if we need to. Many people who visit Western Australia comment that the weather is simply brilliant, and fairly well predictable as well. The temperatures can be very hot and very cold, but for a large majority of the year it is very comfortable. Much like the Northern Territory and Northern Queensland, the climate changes dramatically as you drive further and further north. The best thing you can do to Travel Western Australia is to do research on every little detail.

Things to do

When you Travel Western Australia, there are a lot of things to do, but it's entirely dependent on what you enjoy. If you love the adventure side of things, you can go snorkeling, fishing, scuba diving, Camping, four wheel driving, hiking, mountain biking, sandboarding and heaps more. If you are more into just touring and taking things a little easier, stay at some of the amazing resorts located around the place or head to the quiet and peaceful area's in the country. There is truly something for everyone, and its just a matter of finding that.

If you haven't been to W.A. before, then it's something that you should consider doing. Like the rest of Australia, it can be a hugely enjoyable experience, and it doesn't have to be too expensive either! Take a look at my other posts, including the one on Honeymoon Pool in Collie.

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