80 Series upgrades

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update on my 80 series, which I’ve been very happy with. The original purchase of the 80 series stemmed from wanting a vehicle that was capable, comfortable and reliable. The 80 Series has a brilliant reputation for everything from serious four wheel driving through to general touring, and we planned on using it for a bit of both.

80 Series Land Cruiser
The day I got it

Existing modifications

  • Safari front mount intercooler
  • Electronic Rust Protection
  • Dual Batteries and smart charger/isolator
  • Irvin aluminium bull bar
  • Hella driving lights
  • Aluminium scrub bars
  • Aluminium side steps
  • Aluminium roof racks
  • Aluminium case on the roof with hydraulic struts
  • 4 jerry can holders on the roof racks
  • Kaymar rear tyre carrier
  • Dual spare wheels
  • Rear drawer system
  • UHF Radio and antenna
  • DVD Player and GPS
  • Airbag suspension in the rear
  • WCS springs and suspension (standard height I believe)
  • Rear LED work light
  • Tailgate LED light
  • Safari snorkel

Removed Accessories

Since then, I’ve removed the Aluminum case and the 4 jerry can holders off the roof. I’m not a fan of having weight up the top, and wanted to keep my fuel economy at its best.

Packing an 80 series land cruiser
Packed tight up north

New Accessories

However, as all of you avid four wheel drivers know, the list of modifications never stops growing. I have a few more modifications in the pipeline, to make the 80 even more capable and comfortable.

Pilbara 80 Series
Enjoying the Pilbara

Planned modifications

At the moment, the 80 series is on axle stands in the garage. I removed the differential carriers, and had Eaton E lockers installed. Whilst everything was apart, I decided to do the king pin bearings, swivel hubs, front and rear wheel bearings with new axle seals and fresh grease.

I will have an update soon, with a full review on the Eaton E lockers, which I expect to live up to their reputation!

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  1. Hey Ian,

    Sounds like you are building a weapon up! Congratulations on setting out for a lap of Australia. When do you leave? In regards the headlights, see my comment above about the forum. What headlights did you put in? Did you change any of the wiring?


  2. Hi Ian,

    I can’t really offer any technical advice; I don’t have a heap of knowledge in that area. I’d suggest jumping on offroad80s.com and making a thread; some awesome information on there


  3. Hi I have 80 Land Cruiser. Problem with head lights. Low beam all lights on Hi beam no lights. Replaced relay still no good. Next looking for Head light wiper combination switch. Fault could be in there. What do you think?

  4. I have a 80 Series Land Cruiser. I am preparing it for trip around Australia with my wife and with my son and his family.
    So far I have up graded the head lights, fit touch screen stereo, Building rear carrier for second spare wheel and jerry can. I have installed roof racks to carry roof top tent. I have installed UHF radio. I have to mount my base for my ameteur antennas as well. I have fully serviced the vehicle by changing spark plugs, Oil and air filter and changing fuel filter. Greased all universals and tail shafts. I have installed a snorkel. I need to change front right hand side differential oil seal. While wheels are off I will renew dis pads back and front. Paint work need attention. I am going to mount a 200 watt , 12 volt solar panel on back set of roof racks. I have a 13,000lb winch which will mount. I have a pair of 9 inch LED light to mount on bull bar. At the moment I am having trouble with head lights. Tracked it down to relay.