Cancer sufferer’s stolen 80 series Landcruiser

Over the last few weeks I’ve been following the story of Steve and Lynne, who had their 80 series Land Cruiser stolen. If you haven’t heard anything about it, read on.

Steve has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, and has been given 6 – 24 months to live. Instead of sitting around, Steve and Lynne decided to purchase their dream four wheel drive and tour Australia. On the day that they were meant to leave, their 80 series was stolen from the front of his mother’s home (whilst he was receiving treatment), with all of their gear inside (including a heap of photography, camping, cooking and 4WD gear).

Steve had spent 6 months looking for the perfect four wheel drive, and had spent a fortune modifying it to tour Australia, and understandably was devastated beyond belief. Sadly, the 80 series turned up a few days later burnt out, with most of the gear removed from the vehicle. You can read the two news articles here:

The Australian 4WD community lends a hand

I thought a few people might put their hands up to give Steve and Lynne a hand, but was blown away by what followed. He had a bloke pull up to his house and offer his four wheel drive for a week while things were sorted out with the insurance company, and 4WD companies ringing up left right and centre to offer him their support. The activity on social media was phenomenal and very heart warming.

4WD Action purchased a very tidy 80 Series in Queensland just days after it had been stolen, took it back to the Superior Offroad 4WD shop and started making it into the perfect vehicle for travelling around Australia. A heap of modifications were done, including a roof top tent, new tyres and rims, UHF radio, snorkel, winch, sliders, suspension, long range tank, rear drawers and the list goes on!

They spent hours on this thing over 5 days, working late into the night to get it done, and overhauled various components in order to make it reliable for their lap of Australia. When it was just about ready to go, they found the engine was knocking, and pulled the sump cover off the bottom, to find the big end bearings seriously damaged and the whole engine in need of replacement. Running out of time, they arranged for another engine to take its place, and fitted it in under 6 hours.

Once it was all running perfectly, the final touch was to have it detailed, and now it’s ready to go. Steve and Lynne flew down today to collect it, and I can’t wait to see the footage of their reactions! Below are some of the video’s from 4WD Action following the project (jump on the 4WD Action facebook page to see the rest):

YouTube video
YouTube video

Dig Deep for Steve and Lynne

A bank account has been set up to take donations for Steve and Lynne enjoy their trip around Australia, alet’s send them a few dollars to have an extra special trip!

BSB 082128
A/C 839417071

A massive thank you to everyone involved

I’m blown away by the support Steve and Lynne have received, and would like to pass on a massive thanks to everyone who has lent a hand to get Steve and Lynne back on the road so quickly. This shows the true nature of the 4WD Community in Australia, and it is very pleasing to see. There were more than a handful of companies who got involved: Superior Offroad 4WD,,, Wholesale Automatic Transmissions, Cooper Tires Australia, Suspension Stuff, Dometic Waeco Australia, SHIMANO Australia Fishing, Toyota Australia, Polaris GPS & Rear Vision, Custom 4WD Drawers, Hot Wired Installations, Sony, Bainbridge Technologies, All Four x 4 Spares, Service & Dismantling, Caravan and Car Alarms, ALL Purpose Batteries, Lightforce Australia, Oricom UHF CB, Sav’s Prestige Car Detailing, OzAdventure4x4 and Atlantic Oil. Fantastic work!

Best of luck to Steve and Lynne; enjoy your trip!

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