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It’s hard to believe, but www.4wdingaustralia.com has been running now for 5 years! In that time, We’ve written a huge number of blog posts to inspire, educate and entertain. Below are some of the more popular posts from over the years. If you like them, please take the time to share this with your friends and family; it would be greatly appreciated. As always, we love to hear from you all; leave a comment!

20 things you should never do in a 4WD recovery

There’s the obvious things that you should never do in a 4WD recovery, like putting a snatch strap over the towball of a 4WD. Beyond that though, and there are a lot of other terrible practices that put peoples lives at risk. How many of these have you done in the past? Hopefully you aren’t doing any of them today!

Snatch strap recovery

Is your 4WD Legal?

I’ve always thought it is a bit flawed that people can freely purchase a huge range of accessories for their 4WD, but have nothing explained to them in terms of what the road laws stipulate. If your 4WD is lifted by over 50mm in the combination of tyres, body lift and suspension lift, it’s not legal in WA (without an engineers certificate). How many of you are driving illegal 4WD’s? Whilst you might think its just the police you need to worry about, you are open to much more risk than that!

Warren River water flow

42 things you must know about 4WDing

4WDing is a skill, which requires a bit of learning. If you are lucky enough the skills are passed on, but many people head off road without the faintest idea of what they should be doing. Have a read of these 42 things you must know about 4WDing, and you will be much more competent next time you head off the beaten track!

Beach driving

Our 80 Series Land Cruiser

We’ve had our 80 series Land Cruiser for a couple of years now, and have been building it into a tough, reliable tourer. The list of modifications is longer than I’d like to admit, but feel free to check it out, and steal any idea’s you might like!

Our 80 now

4WD Tracks in WA

There’s no point in owning a 4WD if you don’t use it! WA has some of the best 4WD tracks in the country, with some truly unbelievable destinations. If you want to have a blast in Western Australia in your 4WD, you need to check this out.

Corrugations and pressures

When should you use a snatch strap?

Despite being the most commonly used recovery device, snatch straps are not designed to be used in every situation you come across. In fact, there are a lot of people using them in ways they shouldn’t be. Find out when you should use a snatch strap, and when you should move onto something different!

Patrol snatch recovery

Fitting bigger tyres to your 4WD

Whilst fitting bigger tyres to your 4WD might provide a number of benefits, no one talks about the cost of doing so. There’s fuel economy, power, legalities, cost of the tyres, wear and tear and the list goes on and on. If you are thinking about going up a size in tyres, check this out!

Comp 4x4

Camping near Perth

Nothing beats a weekend away from it all with your 4WD. Pack your swag and spend a weekend having a great time with mates, all within a few hours of Perth!

Camping around Wellington Dam

Eaton Harrop Elockers

I’ve fitted a lot of different accessories to our 80 series. Some have been more appreciated than others, and the Eaton Harrop ELockers are by far and away one of the best mods I’ve done. Can’t decide what lockers to fit? Front or rear? Have a read of this!

Waroona 4x4 hill climbs

Kaymar Rear Bar Review

There’s nothing quite like the crunch that is made when your 4WD comes down hard at the rear when off road. That is, until you remember there’s a huge chunk of steel there protecting your panels! I really like the Kaymar Rear Bar’s, and although they are not perfect, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend one.

Kaymar Rear Bar 80 Series

4WD Insurance

We spend a lot of time and money on our 4WD’s. It takes years to build them into the perfect 4WD, and you deserve the peace of mind knowing that should the worst happen, you are covered by your insurance company. They are in the business of making money, and where there is a way to get out of a claim, its going to show itself. When it comes to modifications, correct insurance values and what you are covered for, you need to pay serious attention to your 4WD insurance!

Wedge Island 4x4

What’s the best tyre pressures for beach driving?

Beach driving is one of the best ways to get out and explore this amazing country. That is, unless you pick the wrong tyre pressures, and watch as the tide slowly rises to your bogged 4WD. Find out what the optimum tyre pressures are for beach driving here!

Stuck at Lancelin

How much have you spent on your 4WD?

I got a bit of a shock writing this post; you can spend a lot of money over a couple of years on your 4WD. Our 80 owes us a lot of money, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. The memories we’ve had with our 4WD are well and truly worth it.

80 series land cruiser build

That’s it; let me know what you think below, and if there’s anything you’d like to know more about, I’m happy to write something!

Happy travels, and see you out there!

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