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Reversing cameras are worth their weight in gold

If your 4WD is set up for travelling, there’s a pretty good chance you can’t see out the back windows very well. That is of course, assuming you have windows at all; our Dmax has a solid Ute Canopy on the back and you can’t see a thing past the second row of seats.

Dmax reverse camera

The reversing camera on the rear of our Isuzu Dmax

There were many times in our previous 4WD that I wished I had a reversing camera. With gear piled into the back like a Tetris pro, there was no way I was seeing anything out the back window. The rear vision mirror was just a reminder of how much gear I’d packed into the old girl.

Perth to Newman

Even with a fully loaded wagon you can’t see anything out of the rear

I kept resisting the need to install a reversing camera, and sold the vehicle some time later. The new Dmax we purchased came with a reversing camera already fitted, and I love it.

Even before the canopy went on, it gives you so much peace of mind. There is no car behind you, no little child and yep, you are going to clear the vehicle as you swing around in a car park.

Now, with the solid canopy on the back, you’d be living life on the edge without a reversing camera. You can see the sides of the canopy with the side mirrors, but not a thing behind the vehicle. The camera gives you great peace of mind knowing that you aren’t going to hit something.

Now, I just need to work out how to wire it up so I can turn it on and off even when driving, to check how the trailer is travelling.

I’d also like to have one on the hybrid camper trailer, to make reversing it easier and safer. At the moment Sarah gets out of the 4WD and guides me in, ensuring I don’t knock into anything!

They might not cover everything

Don’t rely on your reversing camera. While in Katherine, I was backing out of a car park, and watching the camera and mirrors very carefully.

I had just started to reach for the brake when bang. I drove forward, and sheepishly got out to inspect the damage. The far corner of the tray had smashed into a tree that was growing sideways, and it did a substantial amount of damage. Another 4WD Insurance claim.

Fuel filler damage

Damage from backing into a tree in Katherine

Looking now, I can clearly see that the camera doesn’t cover the last portions of the side of the Ute, which is rather annoying. Lesson learnt!

If you don’t have a reverse camera, seriously consider getting one. They are cheap insurance that will pay for themselves time and time again.

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