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There’s that much information online these days that it makes it very difficult to find what you really need. With that in mind, I thought it was about time to make a list of a number of useful 4WD resources that have been a help to me. Many of these I still use regularly. No doubt there are plenty more, so if you’ve got any suggestions, leave a comment below and I will add it to the list!


When it comes to finding out details of any model vehicle you’ve got, Redbook is a very handy little website. Simply put in your Make, model and year, and you can select the exact vehicle you own. There’s a heap of information provided that is very useful, like power figures, vehicle weights, towing capacities, expected fuel economy and more.

This is extremely useful if you are comparing different models, or unsure of what 4WD to purchase next.

If you are chasing a rough guide as to how much your vehicle is worth, it will tell you that too. Bear in mind this is just an indication!

4×4 Earth

4×4 Earth is a great forum to discuss anything related to 4WD’s. Whether its technical information, trip planning,  DIY, build ups or trip planning, you are sure to find some great information here. Whilst most 4WD forums have slowed over the last few years, 4×4 Earth continues to grow, with great members and lots of laughs. You can also see a heap of 4WD tracks that members have uploaded, and share your own.


When it comes to finding information on camper trailers, pop tops and Caravans, myswag is king. It’s a forum with over half a million posts by almost 20,000 members with build ups, real life experiences, reviews on different products, trip reports, and a whole lot more.

Exploroz Tyre Size Calculator

When it comes to fitting new tyres to your 4WD, it pays to know as much about them as possible. Metric to imperial conversions can be a real pain, but this is where the Exploroz Tyre Size Calculator comes into play. You can compare tyres, work out diameters and even find out what tyre cover size you need.


Wikicamps is by far the best camp site app in Australia. At the moment, there are over 7,000 camp sites which have been added, along with photos, reviews and information by users in real time. When you are planning a trip, you can jump on Wikicamps, pick out where you want to camp, see what it looks like and often get updated reports on how the campgrounds are. I believe you can download the trial for free, and the full version is a measly $10. The best $10 you will spend, period.

ARB price list

ARB 4WD gear is extremely popular. Rather than having to ring them, just click on this link, put your vehicle make and model in, and on the next page scroll to the buttom right, where you can download the full catalogue. This is for Australian residents only, and the price is RRP (you may be able to get discounts!).


In today’s world, Youtube is a brilliant resource for anything to do with 4WDing. Whether you want to know how to rebuild your swivel hubs, or how to correctly join a snatch strap together, you can’t go past some of the quality video’s on Youtube.

Offroad 80’s

Skip this if you don’t own an 80 series Land Cruiser. If you do, and you haven’t been there, this is the ultimate place for every little technical bit of information you’d ever want to know about the 80 series.


For those of you who own a Land Cruiser (any model at all!), this is the ultimate forum covering absolutely anything and everything you want to know about them.

Patrol 4×4

If you own a Patrol, Maverick or Safari the Patrol 4×4 forum is for you. Another fantastic resource, put together by thousands of knowledgeable members.

Unsealed 4×4

Pat Callinan is one of the better known names in the 4WD industry, and they’ve been creating a great online magazine for some time now, that is free to read. It’s always full of great information; sign up and read away!

Low Range

I’ve always been a big supporter of Roothy, and since leaving 4WD action and moving onto his own business, things have improved dramatically. Low range also do a free online magazine which is worth a read, and plenty of DVD’s to inspire you to get out and explore different parts of Australia. These are much better aimed at the average Joe too!

4WDing Australia

Yep, I wouldn’t leave this very site off the list; its been running for over 5 years now, and we’ve got some very popular posts. Whether you are looking for inspiration to get out there and explore, or information on tyre pressures, recovery practices and more, we’ve got something for you!

Camping at Kooljaman

Western Patrol Forum

Are you from WA, and own a Patrol, Maverick or Safari? This place is for you!


If you’ve got a Prado and want to know anything at all, Pradopoint is the place to go! With over 380,000 posts there isn’t much here that hasn’t been covered!

What have I missed? If you’ve got a cracker 4WD resource, let me know below and I’ll add it to the list. If you liked it, please share it around!

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