Driven 4×4 competition 2015

4WD competitions are not very common in Western Australia just yet, and to have one within a couple of hours of Perth that spectators were invited to attend is fantastic. This weekend just gone was the first Driven to Drive 4×4 Competition (with hopefully plenty more to come).

We only made it down for the afternoon and evening events on Saturday, and had a great time watching the various 4WD’s tackle different challenges.

V8 GU Patrol
A mint sounding V8 GU Patrol
SWB GQ Patrol at Driven 4x4
A short wheel base GQ Patrol driving one of the tighter tracks
SWB for the win
Up and down!
GU Ute on the berries
Nolly’s GU
Lots of tight tracks
Up and over some big logs
Another SWB patrol
Lots of Patrols!
Jimny 4WD offroad
The small Suzuki’s were made for some of these tracks!
Sierra on a tight track
A sweet Sierra
ZD30 Patrol
Go the ZD30 Patrol
Jeep and GU
Jeep and a GU parked up
How fast can you change a tyre
Tyre change speed test
Driven 4x4 Jeep
Driven 4×4 Jeep
Driven 4x4 Competition
Plenty of people helping to run the event
Driven 4x4 Competition bowl
The main bowl, which we missed the action in!
Badly stuck on a tyre
Stuck on a huge tyre
Night event
Getting ready for the evening event in the Speedway
Manjimup Speedway
Hosted at the Manjimup Speedway

For the first event, things were done pretty well. The spectators area allowed for a number of different places to watch from, and given most of it was in dense bush it was well done.

I was a bit disappointed to see the lack of advertising and information passed around on the event, its a fantastic event that is well worth the trip down. Overall though, a great event, and no doubt next year will be even better!

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