We’ve headed north; 3 months with a 4WD, camper trailer and toddler

It’s been a completely mad last couple of months, with nearly every spare minute spent on getting ready for a massive 3 month, 16,000km trip through the Kimberley, Northern Territory and Coral Coast.

By the time this post comes out, we should be at our first nights stop – some 900km north of Perth.

EDIT – you can read the full trip report here; 3 months up worth with a toddler and camper trailer.

We’ve done a heap of work getting everything ready – the complete Dmax build has been done in a little over 4 months, along with several upgrades to the Camper trailer and getting a fair bit of new gear up and running.

Sarah and I can’t wait to be travelling, but I’m sure there will be moments in the trip that are less than enjoyable. Oliver is a pretty easy going kid, but he’s a toddler and will be in an unfamiliar environment almost every day, so times could be interesting!

We have a mix of bush camps, station stays and caravan parks. Our setup is self sufficient for easily a week or two, with water being the main thing that would call us back into town.

In combination between the Dmax and our camper trailer, we have

  • 185L of potable water
  • 420 amp hours of deep cycle batteries
  • 790 watts of solar panels (600W is fixed)
  • 55L Evakool Freezer
  • 55L Evakool Fridge
  • Stacks of storage, and lots of gear too.

My brother and sister in law are joining us about 2/3 of the way through the trip for 3 weeks, where we will do the Gibb River Road, some of the coast in the Pilbara and the Coral Coast. He’ll be towing our offroad boat trailer and tinny up for some good times.

We’d love it if you guys followed along – you can find us below

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/4WDingAustralia/

Instagram – 4wdingaustralia

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