Where’s your next 4WD trip?

The next best thing to actually being out and about with your 4WD is planning the next trip! Spontaneous 4WD trips are always a lot of fun, but nothing beats many long nights spent planning an epic adventure away with family, mates and your 4WD.

There’s a process which we use to Plan a 4WD trip, that works very well. The idea is to maximize your annual leave, enjoy it as much as possible and reduce the chances of things going wrong. A little bit of planning goes a long way when it comes to 4WD trips in Australia.

Australia; the best country in the world

We’ve really got it good, don’t we? I sit back, and flick through the thousands of photos I’ve taken throughout Australia, and really appreciate the many beautiful places we have to explore. Get yourself a 4WD, and you get to see the best of Australia, away from the crowds!

Where are we off to next?

Having a break booked in is almost a must for us 4WDer’s. Whether its just a weekend a few hours away from your home, or a massive 5 week trip through the Kimberley, you’ve got to get away from it all from time to time!

With that in mind, we have 3 scheduled trips, with hopefully a number of unscheduled ones in between!

Bremer Bay

Kalbarri, Useless Loop and Steep Point

The Pilbara

Where are you off to?

Let us know where your next 4WD trip is going to be in the comments below. Who are you going with? How serious is the 4WDing?

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