Coleman Eventemp Burner

I’d been meaning to get myself a burner for some time now (but borrowing Dad’s old Coleman has always been easier!). However, when I saw the Coleman Eventemp Burner in BCF on sale for $149 I couldn’t resist (they normally sell for $230).

Coleman Eventemp Burner
Coleman Eventemp Burner

Features of the Coleman Eventemp Burner

The Coleman Eventemp burner has 3 burners; 2 normal round ones on either side, and a long rectangular one in the middle. It takes a battery which is used to create the lighting spark on each burner, and is largely made of aluminium. The gas regulator is an elbow which is required in order to run your gas bottle (the very small bottles screw straight in, without a hose).

The burner comes with a decent case, with pockets to store little gas bottles and room for any odds and ends. It takes around a minute to remove the burner, set it on the table and connect the gas bottle up.

There isn’t really much that I can fault the burner for, except it is very big! If you are going to get one online, make sure you look at it in person first. They are realistically designed for family cooking, and take up a considerable amount of space.

My overall review

Overall, I am very happy with how the burner works. It is very easy to use, takes a second to turn on (without the risk of burning your fingers and using matches), it is light weight, powerful and cooks very well. However, as you’ll read below its not been trouble free.

Gas regulator leaking

When I picked the Eventemp burner up, it came with two gas regulators. I didn’t think much of it, but took it camping to Alexandra Bridge. I set it all up with one of the regulators, only to find that the seal had gone and it was leaking gas out of the emergency release.

Thinking that it was lucky I had a second one, I fitted this one only to find it didn’t allow any gas through. I played with both for some time, but had no luck. Fortunately, I had a burner that screws straight onto the LPG bottle, or we would have been hungry campers!

I took the regulators back to BCF, to be met with the manager who said he couldn’t do anything about it until he got in contact with Coleman (the next week day). I explained that we were going camping a few days later and needed a replacement before we went.

Unfortunately the manager was less than helpful. I had to initiate contact with them (despite being told they would ring) and was told that Coleman wanted to take the regulators back and repair them, and I wouldn’t have anything for 2 – 3 weeks. Great, especially when we were going camping 2 days later.

I rang Coleman, explained the situation and had a very helpful lady say she would get back to me. 5 minutes later I had a voice mail saying that a new regulator would be dropped off at BCF that afternoon. Although the service received from BCF was very poor, Coleman have proven their high quality name.

We did have issues screwing the fitting in, with the O ring sometimes getting stuck and overall its just a dicky setup, but it does work.

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