Getting the best value with LED Torches

How much money have you spent in the last year on Torch batteries? Are you sick of carrying a big, bulky and heavy torch around with you? When you see the advancements that have been made in LED Torches, you will throw your old torch away and upgrade without a second thought.

Several years ago I purchased a Mag Lite; one of the ones that takes 5 big ‘C’ size batteries. I can only look back now, and laugh. The torch itself was bulky, heavy, had poor battery life and was expensive to run. A new set of batteries was over $12, and when you paid near on $80 for the torch every time the light started to dim I’d cringe!

My Recommendation:

Get a decent head torch that comes with a charger, and rechargeable batteries.

Today, however, most of the high quality torches that are on the market are LED or HID. Whether it’s multiple LED’s (generally the cheaper ones have many LED’s) or one, big LED you will find the difference remarkable. Gone are the days of Dolphin torches.

Even if you are using rechargeable batteries the cost of running them is simply too high, and that isn’t to mention the size and weight. There are plenty of LED Torches on the market today which easily fit in your pocket and outshine a Dolphin torch several times over.

eBay head torch
A cheap head torch from eBay

LED Torches and their benefits

  • Highly durable. LED Torches can often take some serious abuse before they give up. LED’s themselves tend to be much more forgiving than a normal incandescent, which is why they are so popular for industry use, travel and sports.
  • Very efficient. LED Torches tend to use less power for their output than HID’s and an Incandescent, which means you save money on batteries.
  • Limited heat. Have you ever burnt yourself on a torch? Some get incredibly hot, and can be dangerous to handle. Get LED Torches though, and you can say goodbye to most of that heat.
  • Long Life Span. LED’s last for a long time. People are using them in their homes, for industrial lighting and even vehicle lighting because they very rarely need replacing.
  • Compact size. Nothing was worse than lugging a big Mag Lite around, just to get some decent light. When torches not much bigger than a Hi-Lighter can outshine the big ones, what’s the point of a big torch?

LED Torches for Camping

Majority of my torch use is done when I am camping or fishing. Nothing is worse than not being able to see what you are doing, or tripping over hidden guy ropes! Having a little torch that you can keep in your pocket offers unprecedented advantages, and I won’t ever go back to my Mag Lite! You can even get some awesome quality head lamps, if you want to keep your hands free. See below for some great examples.

Buying LED Torches that are great value

I was fishing on the beach the other night in Kalbarri, when a mate pulled out his LED Torch, purchased on eBay. I had a quick glance, and was sceptical, until he turned it on! For $20 I highly doubt you could get a better torch. With rechargeable batteries, 240v and 12v chargers zoom and such a compact size, it’s certainly a great deal.

The torch is a CREE 7 Watt, and can be purchase for anywhere in between $18 and $25 with free postage.  If you get another set of batteries , you should never run out of light, as you can just swap them over. They are well built, water resistant and the perfect size. 

If you are after something even brighter, the CREE T6 comes in a 1600 lumen waterproof torch for around $30 – I’ve just purchased one.

Head Lamps off eBay

Head Lamps are very handy, mainly because you have full use of both hands. There are just as many good deals on Head Lamps on eBay.

eBay Head torches
These have been hammered for years and are still going

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  1. Hey William,

    Good to hear; as long as it does the job!

    All the best

  2. I have a small 200 lumen duracell headlamp that i bought from Coles and after 8 years it is still going strong and it only cost $18.50.