I lost my water caps

After basically using all of our water at the bottom of the Yorke Peninsula over two weeks, we legged it north to Kadina, to be at the Christmas parade for our kids later that day. The visitor centre at Kadina let us fill up with water, and gave us the key to the Kadina Showground.

I filled our tanks up, rolled the hose away and hopped in the car, and we drove to the dump point a few kilometres away. When I got out of the car and walked up the side of the van, I noticed that our 3 caps were missing, and instantly my heart sunk.

Caps on our camper trailer
All 3 caps were missing!

Both water caps had been removed to let the air breath properly, along with a screw on cap so I could open the ball valves inside, and I put them all on top of the camper trailer…..and then drove off.

Standing on the tyre I was pleased to find one of the water caps on the roof near a solar panel, and sheepishly screwed it back on before retreating to the car to give Sarah the bad news.

I figured we should go and look for them, knowing that our chances of finding them would be seriously slim, with a heap of corners, bumps and places they could have flown off. We traced our drive back as closely as possible, with our eyes scanning the road, and a few hundred metres down the road from the visitors centre I spied a black object in the middle of the road.

I pulled over, and found our screw cap. Two down, and one to go; not bad at all! We drove back into the visitors centre car park, and I had a good walk around the first speed hump. We were just about to give up and head out when Sarah and I both spied what looked like the final cap on the edge of the road (the wrong side) not far from the turn out.

I jumped out again, and sure enough, we’d found the remaining cap and it wasn’t damaged. Winner winner, chicken dinner.

Now, you idiot, put them somewhere safe when you are filling the water tanks up! I know exactly what happened; normally I’d fill the car tank up first, and then go to the camper ones, but for some reason I did it the other way around and when I finished the car ones I just packed up and left!

I recall my old man saying you should always leave your fuel cap on the bowser at a fuel station, and not put it on the roof, and the same thing applies here!

No real loss, but I was expecting to be shopping for 3 obscure caps to fit our water tanks and screw in boat hatch!

Have you left your caps behind, or lost them too?!

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