Gidgedales Retreat; amazing camping right near Perth

WA has some of the best camp sites in the world, and we are always on the hunt for new, better places to stay especially close to Perth.

We’ve made a great list already; here’s 30 unbelievable camp sites in WA to get you started. However, this week, we are sharing an absolute cracker camp site; Gidgedales Retreat. Located on private property in Gidgegannup this is quiet, cheap, peaceful and has some spectacular scenery.

A few of you were guessing and asking where we were last weekend, so here you go:

Camping close to Perth
Gidgedales Retreat; private camping under an hour from Perth
Camping around Perth
Absolutely stunning

Where is it?

At 46km, and just 45 minutes North East of Perth Gidgedales Retreat is super close to Perth and the perfect place to head on a Friday afternoon for the weekend. Simply head up Toodyay Road and turn off in Gidgegannup.

Enjoying puddles with Ollie
Oliver enjoying the puddles
Enjoying the reflections
Enjoying the reflections off the dam

What’s there?

The camp ground is located about 100 metres away from the residence of Bob and Maureen, in between two beautiful dams.

It’s a fairly narrow, flat part of the dam wall that is perfect to park your camping setup overlooking the pristine water. You’ve got a fire pit (in season), a few chairs to sit in and a table, along with a number of trees to provide shade and block the wind.

Camp fires in Perth
The ultimate place to relax
Dinner by the dam
A good feed at the end of the day

You must book prior

Bookings are required prior to arriving here, and can be done by ringing Bob on 0438 083 172. The maximum stay is two nights

Relaxing around the fire
Make sure you ring and book

What does it cost?

Camping is $20 per night for two people, with kids over 6 being $5 per night. The prices have gone up a bit, but its still great value.

Dinner at camp
It doesn’t get much better than this
A nice weekend away
A quick, relaxing weekend away

Camping requirements

You must be self sufficient, and be staying in a camper trailer or caravan. Tents are not permitted. There is water and power available, but no toilet. There’s also a BBQ available to use, and a rubbish bin.

Only two groups of people are able to camp here at a time too, as there is limited room and Bob likes to keep it quiet and enjoyable for everyone. 

Dogs are permitted, providing you care for them appropriately! There is also a dump point available for emptying your toilets at the end of your stay.

Self sufficient camping
Camped right next to the dam, not far from the house
Camp fires in Perth
Relaxing by the fire as the sun goes down

Fishing in the dam

One of the more entertaining parts of staying at Gidgedales Retreat is that you can fish their main dam, which has a number of silver perch in it. Bob wants to get rid of them, so if you catch one, don’t put it back.

We attempted to eat one, but as Bob had warned us they aren’t nice eating. He reckons they are all old and tough, which was our experience too. There might be some younger ones in there, and regardless they are fun to catch.

Fishing in the dam
Flicking lures around the Dam
Cooking fish on the fire
We caught a few, and attempted to eat one. It wasn’t nice at all!

What’s nearby?

Gidgegannup is a beautiful place with Noble Falls not being too far away, along with the Avon Valley National Park, Lake Leschenaultia and plenty of vineyards.

Our camp setup
Our setup with the new Reconn R2 camper trailer

Is it worth a stay?

Absolutely. This place is phenomenal. The owners are amazing, the camp grounds are fantastic, the price is even better and being so close to Perth its guaranteed we will be back.

With some kayaks and a surf board you’d have a ball in summer time in the dam. If you are looking for somewhere private and close to camp near Perth this is a great place to book!

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  1. Hi Rosemary,

    This is just a review; you’ll have to contact the owners for booking requests.

    All the best

  2. rosemary hartley says:

    hi do you have any spots 5 and 6th march nights leave monday 7th march