Robinvale Orchard; private camping minutes from Perth

We’ve been lucky enough to explore a huge portion of WA, and there are some truly remarkable places to take your 4WD to, or to camp at. However, lately we’ve been on a mission to explore our backyard; we’ve been finding the best camp sites close to Perth!

EDIT 2020: Unfortunately this camp site is now closed, due to new ownership. If you are looking for some more amazing locations, check this out – 60 of the best camping grounds near Perth.

Camping by a little creek
We are on a mission to find more great camp sites like this!

With two young kids there’s something nice about heading under an hour away from Perth on a Friday afternoon, spending the weekend relaxing and seeing more of our home town and then coming home before its too late on a Sunday afternoon so you can unpack and relax before work the next day. 

In this post, we share a fantastic camp site on private property, located only 30 kilometres South East of the city centre. If you live in the southern suburbs, its even quicker. For us, we were there in just over 20 minutes. You can’t beat that!

Private camping near Perth
Keen to get away from the crowds on private property? This is the go!

Where is Robinvale Orchard?

You’ll find this fantastic property in Roleystone, almost smack bang in the middle of Kelmscott and Canning Mills at the end of a quiet, and dead end street.

What’s there?

Like the rest of the properties you’ll find on Youcamp, this is someones private property, and a lovely family live there.

They have 19 acres of grass, bush land and with a little creek and pond running through their property. The land used to be an orchard, which has been cleared for some time and the properties surrounding are full of beautiful fruit trees.

It’s super quiet, with very little traffic in the area and plenty of bird life to sit back and enjoy. You can camp on a huge portion of the property down from the homestead. There’s quite a few smaller tree’s and shrubs to get shade from, and lots of little corners tucked away.

Robinvale Orchards from up high
A view of the property from the bush at the top of the hill, with our little camp in the valley
Camping with our little boy
A little stream flowing past our camp site made for great entertainment for Oliver
Robinvale Pond
A small pond further upstream
Plenty of bush to enjoy
There’s plenty of bush to explore up the hill to


This property is for self sufficient campers. That means you have to bring your own toilet, shower if required and take your rubbish out. There is a small fire pit that can be used from May to October depending on the fire conditions (shire controlled) and you are allowed grey water to go onto the ground.

You do not need a 4WD to get here, although if its been wet it is advantageous! We lost traction a few times in 2WD and had to engage 4WD.

Reconn R2 shower tent
The shower/toilet tent on the side of our Reconn R2
Fires when camping
Enjoying a nice fire each evening

When’s the best time to visit?

I’m going to say from May through to November is probably the best time to visit, with spring time the best overall. This is when you’ll have green grass, some running water and great temperatures to relax in.

Camping from Youcamp
Go when the weather is mild and the grass is green!

What does it cost?

Camping here is $10 per adult, and $4 per child per night. Children are 0 – 16. Not the cheapest place in the world especially as there are no facilities, but it is unique and you’ll often have the place to yourself. 

Enjoying a nice roast
Enjoying a nice roast from the camp oven
Camping with a baby
Cooper enjoying the play mat (when he stayed on it!)

What’s nearby?

Well, Perth is pretty close! Seriously though, the Korung National Park is just up the road, as is S and R orchards (open in season), Roleystone, Araluen, Pickering Brook and even Jarrahdale.

Even though we’ve lived in Perth for over 30 years, there are still beautiful places like those above that still have more corners to be explored, and this is the closest, most pristine true bush land that you’ll get to Perth

S and R Orchard
We spent half a day at S and R Orchard, enjoying the amazing flowers
S and R Orchard
Walking around the S and R property

Booking Robinvale Orchard

If you want to stay at Robinvale, you need to book through the Youcamp website. You can do so here.

Booking on youcamp
It’s a great spot to spend a few days

Want more places to camp near Perth?

If you are still looking for that perfect place to spend a few days, check out 7 Fantastic Camp Sites near Perth, and also Gidgedales Retreat.

If you prefer to head north, there’s the amazing Yanchep National Park which has great camping at Henry White Oval, but expect to book well in advance.

Camping close to Perth
Gidgedales Retreat, also super close to Perth

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