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Mills Charters is one of the more well known fishing charters in Perth. They also do a range of other charters. I went on their fishing charter the other day, and would like to share a bit of a run down.

Mills Charters in Hillarys
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What charters do Mills offer?

Abrolhos Island Fishing Charters

If you have ever dreamt about going on a holiday aimed purely at getting some awesome fishing done, this is it! Mills Charters offers trips to the Abrolhos Islands (40 nautical miles off Geraldton) for up to 12 people. You live on the boat, and almost everything is provided; you only have to concentrate on bringing that big fish to the surface! The fish caught are cleaned, put into bags and frozen. The crew does everything to make your charter enjoyable.

Whale Watching

Mills Whale Watching tour is well known, and recommended by a lot of people. You are taken out for 3 – 4 hours, to watch the show that is put on by whales. If you have never seen them, I would highly recommend a tour. They are incredible creatures. If on the odd chance you don’t get to see a whale, you are given a free trip, to come out again!

Private Fishing Charters

If you want to hire a boat for any function you have in mind, this is it. The boat comes equipped with way too many things to list, so jump on their site to have a look!

Mills Day Fishing Charters:


A nice pink snapper caught on Mills Chartes
One of the Pink Snappers caught

How long do they go for?

The fishing charter leaves at 6:30am (6:00am check in) and comes back at 3PM.

What is provided?

Everything is provided, except alcohol. This includes breakfast, snacks, drinks and lunch as well as the fishing gear and bait.

What do they catch?

The fishing is done on the bottom, so there is a wide variety of fish that can be caught. These include Pink Snapper, Breaksea Cod, Dolphin Fish, Queen Snapper, Dhufish, Mulloway, Skippy, Baldchin Groper, Red Snapper and anything else that is feeling hungry.

Rottnest Island on the way back
Heading back passed Rottnest
Mills Charters fishing gear
Alvey reels and rods

What equipment do you use?

The standard fishing gear is Alvey reels on fishing rods. These are much better than the normal Alvey winches a lot of charter operator’s offer. If you want to bring your own gear you are welcome to!

What is the pricing?

If you go on a weekday, you pay $185. If you go on the weekend, it costs $210. You can take an ‘observer’ or ‘shared line’ for an extra $100.

Is it worth going?

I’ve been on a few charters, and must say I was impressed with the service offered. It’s not often that food is provided as part of the service, and the crew was very helpful. There were a number of tangles on the day, but that was mainly due to a full boat and a lack of wind (meaning the boat didn’t drift properly). I’d highly recommend Mills Charters if you are looking to have some fun!

Breaksea Cod
A decent Breaksea cod caught

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