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Desert Storm Monster Truck

Desert Storm Monster Truck

This photo shows the back of the Desert Storm Monster Truck in Lancelin. It is some 4 metres wide, with 66” tyres. You can see by the person standing next to it how tall this really is. Tours are offered most days, and you can book by calling the number on the back of the bus. If you are interested in the specifications, it has some incredible 4×4 Accessories!

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  • June December 14, 2015, 3:45 PM

    Can you please tell me, is there monster truck experiences, I am hoping to give him a huge adrenalin filled gift voucher. He and his family are staying in Cervantes over the holidays the location would be ideal. Regardless of location Lancelin or area or surrounding areas will be perfect as he lives in Two Rocks. Anything like jet boat experiences, monster trucks, kite surfing, jetpack, I am looking for an adrenilen rush type of gift, so your input would be welcome, my budget is around the $100 mark,something he doesn’t have to travel for hours to get there and home again, can you help a voucher for whatever is the gift I had in mind.

    Thank June

  • Aaron Schubert December 14, 2015, 4:57 PM

    Hey June,

    I believe this monster truck is no longer operational in Lancelin, after a fairly nasty accident. Have a look at Redballoon and – I’m sure they will have something that suits!

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