Exploring 4WD tracks in the south west

Exploring 4WD tracks in the south west

WA has some incredible 4WD tracks. We try and explore them as often as possible! You can find a list of over 100 4WD Tracks in WA here.

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  1. Hey Geoff,

    Honestly, you can’t go too wrong anywhere in the south west. Yeagarup and Pemberton is amazing, all of the beaches around Margaret River are spectacular, and Walpole/Albany are also incredible

    Have a blast

  2. Geoff Kelly says:

    2019 Oct
    Flying over to see the Margaret River area first week of October for three weeks -Perth to Albany
    Thinking about renting a small 4WD for excursions in this area. You have some attractive SW corner National Parks, both hinterland and beaches.
    I would appreciate any suggestions.
    Thank you