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Lockers Engaged at Black Diamond

Lockers Engaged at Black Diamond

It was after this little Hill climb that I really learned to appreciate the Eaton Harrop Diff Lockers. This was a short (roughly 5 meters) incline that had some massive offset holes. Two mates gave it a number of goes (one with an 80 series running a big lift and bigger tyres, and another with a GU patrol with a 2 inch lift and bigger tyres) and had no luck.

I came up last, not thinking I’d have any chance at it with no lift and factory size tyres (that were all terrains too!), with both lockers flicked on. I nearly made it the first time just idling, and the second time it just walked up at about 1500 RPM.

For this exact reason, here are 7 reasons why I love my lockers!

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