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Margaret River Wind Surfing

Margaret River Wind Surfing

Margaret River Wind Surfing is a very popular sport. Each afternoon you can often see at least 10 of these out in the waves, when the sea breeze comes in. Surfing is what has made Margaret River so big (and the many vineyards!)

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  • Surfing is huge locally. This years Drug Aware Pro 2011 was a big hit, even if Kelly Slater did not make the finals. Also kite surfing is growing with the Wind Will and Gravity competition taking place for the first time this year. Sure they will be back as everyone loves the surf here.

  • Aaron May 19, 2011, 2:48 PM

    Hi Benji,

    I will have to make it a priority to take my new camera down to Margaret River and get some photo’s of the surfing. When is the next ‘big’ surfing competition?


  • Hi Arron
    I think the next big local one is late October for the Margaret River Classic surf comp, but you have just missed the BIG one with the Drug Aware Pro but I am sure you can wait till next year.
    If you go down to Surfers Point you will nearly always be able to find someone surfing though.

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