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What’s so good about a Go Pro Camera?

If you are into any sort of adventure sport, you need to have a look at the new Go Pro Camera. Honestly, they are probably the best money you could spend when it comes to getting top quality videos and photos of what you love doing. Best of all, they are super cheap for the quality that you get, and they are waterproof to 60 metres, extremely durable and easy to mount in almost any location you want.

Don’t believe me? Check the 2 video’s out below. Turn the quality to 1080 if possible, and watch it in full screen.




Go Pro Bull bar mount

My Go Pro Camera on the Hilux Bull Bar

My Go Pro Camera

I purchased a Go Pro Camera (motorsport pack) around a month ago now, and have been so impressed with it that I am looking to purchase another one. I’ve only just started playing around with video editing (which I am not very good at!) but will be putting some video’s up soon. I’ve taken the Go Pro Camera to a number of places, including snorkeling for crabs at Rockingham.

Go Pro Hero 2

The Go Pro Hero 2 is the latest Go Pro Camera to be released, and has a number of improvements on it’s predecessor. Take a look on Youtube for comparisons, and you will see that an amazing camera has been made considerably better!

Gopro camera motorsport package

The motorsport package

Go Pro Packages

There are 3 choices when it comes to buying a Go Pro Camera package. You can get an outdoor, motorsport or surf package. The only thing that changes between the packages is the mounts, which you can purchase separately anyway.

Go Pro mounted on snorkel mask

You can literally mount them anywhere

Go Pro Camera Mounts

Whichever package you get, there are a number of mounts that come with the camera. These are designed to attach the camera to almost anything – bull bars, bike seats and handlebars, surf boards, helmets, windscreens, panel work on a vehicle and the list goes on. You can combine mounts to get what you want, or buy the extra ones that you need. A lot of people are making their own homemade mounts, which are very simple. I made one to attach mine onto my mask so when I am snorkeling I get a perfect shot of everything that I see.

How long do the batteries last for?

Most people suggest the batteries on a Go Pro will last for around 2.5 hours of continuous recording, which I found to be the case. This is pretty good when you think about the fact that it is high definition! I’ve got a second battery, but you can get a battery bacpac which will double that recording time.

Other Go Pro accessories

Go Pro sell a number of other accessories including:

– LCD Backpack
– Battery Bacpac
– WiFi Backpack + remote
– 3D Hero System
– Floaty backdoor
– Auto Charger
– Replacement parts
– Anti fog inserts

Go Pro Camera Specifications

– F/2.8 fixed focus lens
– 170 degree wide field of view + 127 + 90 degree too.
– 1080P in 30 frames per second + various other settings
– 11, 8 and 5 Megapixel photo option
– Ability to take 10 photos in a second
– Time lapse available
– Self Timer option available

Where can you get a cheap Go Pro Camera?

In Australia, I still found it cheaper to buy the Go Pro Camera from the Go Pro Website: Official GoPro® Store. You can do this by clicking on the banner below.

Buy GoPro HERO Camera at GoPro.com

Alternatively, there are some cheaper ones being offered on eBay – again, check out below.

[phpbay]GoPro hd hero 2,6,,,,,150,,,,php Gopro hd hero 2 on triggertravel first ad,,,,[/phpbay]

If you want to purchase it from a business in Australia, there are plenty that sell them (digital camera warehouse, d – d photographics, dive and fish, hd action cameras etc). However, compare the prices, and make sure you are getting the Go Pro warranty.

Go Pro Camera Memory

Go Pro Cameras use SD or SDHC memory cards. It is important to get a card that is rated at over class 4. The classes basically refer to how fast information can be written onto the card. There is a lot of data being created from a Go Pro Camera, and if you get a slow card you may have issues with it. 16GB is enough for one battery life. I purchased a 32GB card, which is more than enough. I’d recommend the SanDisk ones – they are great. The cheapest place to get the cards is on eBay – check out below

[phpbay]sandisk class 10,3,,,,,,,,,php sandisk class 10 on triggertravel second ad,,,,[/phpbay]

What is worth buying?

I’d suggest picking the package that is most related to what you will use it for, and then grab any extra mounts that you may need. I purchased an extra battery so I have a spare one, and an extra mount. Asides from that, I am more than happy with what I’ve got (for now!)

For some more mind blowing videos have a look at the Go Pro channel on Youtube here.

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