Burning annual leave on a trip down south

Annual leave is a precious commodity; a mere 4 weeks a year of leave means you have to be careful with how you use it! Quick tip – if you take 3 days of annual leave over Easter (22, 23 and 24 of April), you end up with 10 days off work! Not bad!

Anyway, after having an absolute blast on our trip up north in August 2013, I have been itching to travel again. I’ve not been down to Esperance before, and thought it would be the perfect place to start a  23 day adventure. We plan on starting east of Esperance, and working our way around the coast, with the final destination being Dunsborough. We decided to leave early March, in the hope that the weather will be relatively warm and comfortable!

Where should we visit?

I have a rough plan of what to visit, but nothing is set in concrete just yet. I am hoping those who have been there before can shed some light on places that are well worth visiting. At the moment the rough idea is:



Bremer Bay





I’ve been to a few of these places, but some local (or insider) knowledge would be very much appreciated.

What’s the plan?

We intend on doing a lot of 4WDing, snorkeling and spearfishing, photography and just relaxing!

What vehicles are going?

If you recall on the last trip, we had a 3.0 Nissan Patrol, and my 4.2 Land Cruiser. Both vehicles will be going again.

Where can you camp?

We will be staying at DEC campsites, but need to book a few farm stays/caravan parks in along the way. If you know anywhere that is worth visiting, please leave a comment below.

I will do my best to tease you all with photos of crystal clear water and gorgeous white sand!

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  1. Thanks Alex,

    We will take our time along the coast; got over 3 weeks to do it! I haven’t been to Esperance or Bremer Bay, but have been to Albany and a bit of the Fitzgerald national park. What is the access like at Fitzgerald? I’ve heard it gets closed quite regularly.

    Thanks for the comment

  2. Alex Langley says:

    We recently had our first trip that way and as we only had a week we used this as a bit of a scouting trip – we followed a similar path to yours. For my money Cape Arid is absolutely stunning – we had very good weather. I imagine it would be unpleasant if the weather is poor but it is now on the compulsory as soon as possible list, for a slow visit. Similarly Fitzgerald National Park (we missed the Stirlings this time but will go back to have a look), and Bremer Bay – do the snorkel trails. As I now know, this whole coast is just beautiful and is all worthy of spending time over. If you have not been before, the whaling museum at Albany is well worth the cost.