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Easter at Walpole

It had been 7 years since last visiting Walpole, and  both Sarah and I missed it badly. Walpole’s such a tranquil and beautiful area, and we both have very fond memories of it. There’s something about the trees, and the amazing water/beach around where the ocean and inlet meet that is truly magic.

A few months back, we rushed into booking a few remaining camp sites at the Coalmine Beach Caravan Park over Easter. Normally we’d much rather stay out of a caravan park, but when its Easter time, you have limited annual leave and a little baby the last thing we wanted to do was drive around trying to find somewhere to camp.

Coalmine Beach Walpole

Walking down the stairs onto Coalmine Beach

Coalmine Beach in Walpole

Relaxing on the beach at Coalmine

Coalmine Beach Caravan Park

A couple of our camp sites at Coalmine Beach Caravan Park

Coalmine Beach Caravan Park Kangaroos

Friendly Kangaroos at the caravan park

Coalmine beach Caravan park kookaburras

Lots of these cheeky birds hang around too

Fires at Coalmine Beach Caravan Park

Whilst other parts of WA had total fire bans, we were good to go!

Oliver at Walpole

Oliver having a ball on the beach with the grand parents

Oliver at Coalmine Beach Caravan Park

Ollie and Dad having a blast

Walpole Salmon fishing

Conspicuous cliffs, just out of Walpole

Traction control in the Dmax

Still getting used to the new vehicle, and forgot to turn traction control off

On the way to Rest Point Caravan Park in Walpole

Checking out Rest Point Caravan Park

Easter Eggs in Walpole

Oliver loving his Easter Eggs

Fishing down at Walpole

Launching the boats for a bit of fun in the inlet

Walpole inlet/ocean is fantastic

Some of the most beautiful water you’ll ever see near the ocean and inlet

Walpole Boat Ramp

Back at the Walpole Boat Ramp

Bacon and Egg Burger while camping

The perfect breakfast; a dirty bacon and egg burger!

Pelicans at Coalmine Beach Caravan Park

Oliver playing with the local Pelicans

Walpole Markets

At the Walpole Markets

Camper trailer tyre upgrade

Packed up and ready to head home!

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