Half way through our 3 months away

Actually, I lie. When this post comes out, we only have 3 weeks left! We’ve been travelling now for 9 weeks, and even though some days have gone very slowly, overall time has flown.

EDIT: want to see the full trip report? Check it out here – 3 months on the road with a 4WD and soft floor camper trailer.

What a truly magic trip its been so far. We’ve seen, stayed and enjoyed so many places in WA and the Northern Territory already that have totally blown our mind. The trip has been unreal, but not perfect.

I’ve had a few mishaps with the Dmax, all my fault as the driver, which certainly ruined the moment a few times. Oliver has been pretty good all things considered, but camping out of a camper trailer for 8 weeks with a 20 month old is not easy in any way you want to look at it.

It’s a big change going from working long hours a week to packing your life away into a 4WD and camper trailer for 3 months!

So far, we’ve been to Bilyuin Pool for an overnighter, Kalgans Pool near Newman, Cape Keraudren not far from Port Hedland, Cable Beach in Broome, Larrawa station between Fitzroy Crossing and Halls Creek, Kununurra, Katherine, Lorella Springs, Mataranka, Mount Bundy Station, Darwin, Kakadu, Litchfield, Lee and Jennies, the Zebra Rock mine and now we are back in Kununurra, waiting to head to the Gibb River Road.

We are meeting my parents and brother, and heading back down towards Perth via the coast, with lots of fishing, spearfishing and boating in our little tinny.

I’ve been uploading photos to Facebook from the phone where possible, but this has proven to be fairly difficult to do, and most of the great photos and information will have to come out when I am back to my computer setup in Perth.

So far, Kalgans Pool, Mataranka, Lorella Springs and Litchfield top the list of best places to visit, but there were plenty of other high contenders that will get a mention in due time.

We’ve done about 11,000km so far, and a fair bit of that has been off the bitumen (although a lot of it is unavoidable).

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In the future, I will put a detailed post up with a massive summary of the trip – what we spent, where we went, what we liked and didn’t like, how much fuel we used and suggestions for you guys, when you head to the Northern Territory, Kimberley and Coral Coast.

If you see us out there, come and say G’day!

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