Adventure World

Race each other down the speed slide
Race each other down the speed slide

Adventure World is a theme park located in Bibra Lake, just south of Perth. It is the only theme park that is regularly open in Perth. The Royal Show comes to Perth too, but it is only on once a year, for a week. There are more rides at the Royal Show, but then you have to pay for each individual ride that you go on as well. At Adventure world you pay an entrance fee and then you have the whole day to go on as many rides as you want, without paying for the individual rides. There are water slides, extreme rides, kid’s rides, animals to see and a large pool to relax in, along with many other attractions.

Looking over Bibra Lake and some waterslides
Looking over Bibra Lake and some waterslides

Where is Adventure world?

Adventure World is found on Progress Road, in Bibra Lake. There are signs all around the area which point you in the right direction and it’s a big place too; you won’t miss it! To get to Adventure World from the City, simply head south down the Kwinana Freeway, and take the exit onto Farrington Road (after South St). Turn right off the exit and drive along Farrington Rd until you get to Bibra Lake Road, where you turn left. Take the first right into Hope Rd and then turn left at the end of the road. This is Progress Road, and you will see a huge car park on the right hand side where you can park for the day, for free.

When is Adventure World open?

Adventure World tends to be quite seasonal, mainly because of the water slides. The times that it is open are shown below:
•    26 Sept 09 – 11 Oct 09 Open 7 Days: 10am – 5pm
•    12 Oct 09 – 30 Nov 09 Open Thu to Mon: 10am – 5pm
•    1 Dec 09 – 24 Dec 09 Open 7 Days: 10am – 5pm
•    26 Dec 09 – 31 Jan 10 Open 7 Days: 9:30am – 6pm
•    1 Feb 10 – 4 Apr 10 Open Thu to Mon: 10am – 5pm
•    5 Apr 10 – 19 Apr 10 Open 7 Days: 10am – 5pm
•    20 April 10 – 26 April 10 Open Thu to Mon: 10am – 5pm
•    School Holidays Open 7 days from 10am till 5pm
•    Outside of School Holidays Open Thursday to Monday (closed Tues/Wed) 10am – 5pm
•    School Holidays Jan Open 7 days from 9.30am till 6pm

Entry Costs:

•    Children under 4 years are Free
•    Children from 5 – 14 years $39
•    Adults from 15 years and over $47
•    Concession $39
•    Seniors $22
•    After 2pm entry $29
There are also passes available allowing you in as many times as you want between months, or for the whole season. These are good value for money if you want to go multiple times. I believe you can also return for $12.50 too, so check that out. If your work has a social club, see if you can get tickets through them; I know you can get them for as cheap as $35 for an adult if you do this. The prices above allow you to go on every ride, all day, as many times as you want.

The Bounty's Revenge Ride
The Bounty's Revenge Ride

Rides at Adventure World

There is quite a variety of rides at Adventure World. Some of these include go kart racing, the rampage, the power surge, the bounty’s revenge, paddle boats, bumper boats, monorail, tunnel of terror, mat water slides, tube water slides, the shotgun, speed slides, the freefall (which is not open yet), chairlift, the aqua racer and various kids rides and other attractions. There are rides which are aimed at everyone; for the family, for the young adventurer and for the extreme.

A great pool and plenty of lawn
A great pool and plenty of lawn

What else does Adventure World have to offer?

Adventure World also has several other attractions including various cafes, a gift shop, a large pool, a big kid’s area with several kids rides, skull rock, an animal park, plenty of lawn to relax on, the castle lookout, a koi pond and some very amusing mirrors. It has enough to keep everyone entertained all day regardless of age and sex!

The Chairlift
The Chairlift

When is the best time to go?

Everyone knows that there is nothing worse than standing in huge lines for rides. However, there is also nothing worse than jumping in the water when it’s freezing cold! Unless you can’t avoid it, steer clear of the school holidays. These are when Adventure World is incredibly busy, and the lines are massive. You want to pick a day with good weather outside of the school holidays, but perhaps not in the middle of summer when it’s packed! Saturday’s and Sundays are always going to be busier, but most people have to work during the week.

Take your courage!
Take your courage!

What do I take to Adventure World?

The best thing to do when visiting this theme park is to take a packed lunch, and a picnic rug. You can leave it all on the grass (no one seems to steal anything, but you can get lockers for your valuables if you want). Take a lot of sunscreen, a big towel and plenty of energy. By taking a packed lunch you will save a lot of money; the cafe’s are expensive so save them for an icecream at the most! Take enclosed shoes if you want to go on the Go Karts too.

Bumper Boats
Bumper Boats

My Review of Adventure World

Adventure World is a fun day out, depending on what other theme parks you have been to. All of the theme parks in Queensland put it to shame, but then they are more costly and not located in Perth! Whilst there may not be hundreds of rides, the water slides are a lot of fun, and there is more than enough to keep you occupied for a day. It is a place worth going to, especially if you are looking for family entertainment.

The Aqua Racer
The Aqua Racer

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