Fremantle Arts Festival

Fremantle Street Performance
An American Cowboy

What is the Fremantle Arts Festival?

The Fremantle Arts Festival is made up of a number of street performers who put on shows across a number of days in the middle of Fremantle. The performers are sometimes solo, but most of the time there is at least 2 or 3 people doing the show. It is a festival where those who have some serious talent can show it off!

When and where?

The festival is usually held over the Easter long weekend every year. Obviously, it is located in Fremantle! Most of the performers can be found along the coffee strip, and you can find specific locations and times in the newspapers closer to the event.

Performers at Fremantle
Entertaining everyone

Who performs there?

Performers come from all over the world, and there are often some very well known people. From comedians through to music players, dancers, stunt performers to just incredibly skilled people, the Fremantle Arts Festival has a lot of variety.

Is it worth going?

In one word; absolutely. If you have some free time over the Easter break, I can’t recommend it enough. Find the schedule before hand and pick where you want to go. You are guaranteed to spend a lot of time laughing and clapping. Finish the evening off with a big serving of fish and chips, or visit one of the many restaurants in Fremantle to get a good feed.

Photos of the festival

Please browse through some photos below of the 2011 Fremantle Arts Festival. I hope you enjoy them.


Fremantle arts performance with 3D drawings
3D Chalk drawings were impressive
Freo arts performance
Another performer in Fremantle
Watching performers at the Freo art festival
Elevated doing their performance
Fremantle arts festival unicycle work
I’m on fire!
Funny performer at Fremantle Arts Festival
One of the funniest performers for 2011
One of the soccer performers
Soccer Mad
Aquarium at Fremantle
The aquarium at Cicerello’s is incredible

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