Perth Christmas Lights

A double story house all light up
A double story house all light up

EDIT: To see the complete list of Perth Christmas Lights for 2012, please click here

Every year many people throughout the world go to a lot of effort in decorating their houses for Christmas. Perth, Western Australia is no exception to this. Perth Christmas Lights are always well worth looking at, and last night we drove around to just a few of the houses that are on display. As I live south of the River, we only went to the houses in Canningvale, Thornlie, Langford, Lynwood and East Cannington. I believe there are some great houses in Ocean Reef, Risely Street Applecross and many other suburbs north of the city.

A lot of effort goes into these
A lot of effort goes into these

Courtesy when looking at Perth Christmas Lights

The lights and other decorations that are put up by families take a lot of time, and are often very expensive. It’s only obvious, courteous and respectful that everyone respects the hard work. There are a huge number of people and cars around the better houses, and patience is something that you must have. If you park on the side of the road, make sure there is still enough room for cars in both directions to travel. Drive slowly and cautiously; there are families crossing the roads all of the time. We found it was best to park a little distance away from the houses (away from the mess of traffic and people) and then just walk up.

The Perth Christmas Lights are great entertainment for the young kids, and it’s free too! Be prepared to take several hours to get through even a few houses, as there are streets with several houses that are done up and the traffic makes it hard to look quickly! Being summer, the weather is often very comfortable for walking around, even late at night.

The number of houses done up is amazing
The number of houses done up is amazing

Where do I go?

We found the best way was to look in the paper and online, and pick the ones that were closest but well done up. We then went on google maps, and added every destination. We then just followed the directions (with a few small hiccups) and managed to get to every house we had planned to with minimal interruption.  The best places to visit are the ones with more than one house done up; pick the areas where a whole street has been done. This reduces your driving and often the street decorations are best anyway! See below for a list of some of the houses that were entered into the Perth Christmas Lights Competition.

Small electrics work great!
Small electrics work great!

Perth Christmas Lights

There are a few lights that are put up in Perth City itself, which are worth a look at if you want to drive through. The busiest streets are where most of the decorations are, and you will see them from a while back! Perth is a good detour to go through if you are travelling to houses that have been decorated.

A small display
A small display

Perth Christmas Lights Competition

In case you missed the papers, here is a list of a few of the houses and streets that have been done up:
•    ARMADALE: 117 Forrest Road
•    BALDIVIS: 12 Forward Street
•    BALLAJURA: 61 Allington Avenue
•    BERTRAM: 8 Britannia Way
•    BERTRMAM: 10 Greenwich Gardens
•    CANNING VALE: 2 Elvire Court
•    CHURCHLANDS: 5 Bishop Riley Way
•    CHURCHLANDS 10 Bishop Riley Way
•    CLARKSON; 3 Durrington Glade
•    DIANELLA: 9 Arcadia Place
•    DIANELLA: 34 Glover Street
•    DIANELLA: 421 The Strand
•    DUNCRAIG: 2 Buckthorn Court
•    DUNCRAIG: 10 Hilton Place
•    EAST CANNINGTON: 6 Perren Place
•    EAST VICTORIA PARK: 25 Oats Street
•    EDGEWATER: 6 Pergola Place
•    FERNDALE: 33 Latham Road
•    FORRESTFIELD: 37 Moira Avenue
•    GLENDALOUGH: 14A Anderson Street
•    HAMERSLEY: 7 Harray Street
•    HAMILTON HILL: 19 O’Connell Street
•    HEATHRIDGE: 5 Soverel Close
•    HENLEY BROOK: 50 Horseshoe Court
•    HIGH WYCOMBE: 71 Edney Road
•    HIGH WYCOMBE: 48 Kenneth Road
•    HIGH WYCOMBE: 49 Kenneth Road,
•    HIGH WYCOMBE: 10 Kingfisher Loop,
•    HIGH WYCOMBE: 30 Teddington Loop
•    JANDAKOT: 2 Turtle Point Cove
•    KALAMUNDA: 34 Gloucester Road
•    KEWDALE: 27 Scott Street
•    KIARA: 9 Cocos Grove
•    LANDSDALE: 73 Abbotswood Drive
•    LANDSDALE: 7 Dunn Court
•    LANGFORD: 12 Meyrick Way
•    LOCKRIDGE: 33 Brathwaite Road
•    LYNWOOD: 8 Flinds Street
•    MARANGAROO: 45 Highclere Boulevard
•    MORLEY: 22 Marriot Way
•    NORTH PERTH: 127 Raglan Road
•    OCEAN REEF: 111 Constellation Drive
•    PADBURY: 1 Hacking Place
•    PEARSALL: 8 Darlington Loop
•    RIVERVALE: 31 Lyons Street
•    SCARBOROUGH: 73 Millcrest Street
•    SEVILLE GROVE: 102 Riverside Lane
•    SOUTH YUNDERUP: 10 Wellya Crescent
•    SOUTHERN RIVER: 4 Jones Avenue
•    SOUTHERN RIVER: 24 Strutt Parkway
•    STRATTON: 2 Oldenburg Pass
•    SUCCESS: 10 Plymouth Corner,
•    SUCCESS: 17 Meranda Lane
•    TAPPING: 1 Narada Way
•    THORNLIE: 13 Albrecht Place
•    THORNLIE: Consulate Court
•    THORNLIE: 49 Kurrajong Drive
•    THORNLIE: 8 Tahoe Close
•    WAIKIKI: 11 Flores Place
•    WALLISTON: 27 Shirley Road
•    WOODVALE: 119 Chichester Drive
•    WOODVALE: 31 Comstock Way
•    YANCHEP: 7 Augusta Grove
•    Perth City

I highly enjoyed Consulate Court in Thornlie, where about 8 houses have been done up. I would recommend going for a drive to look at the Perth Christmas Lights; they are done up very well and a lot of time and money has gone into them. Many of the houses will ask for donations for charities (some streets have raised over $100,000 for various charities) so bring a few coins! Most of all, be safe on the road and have a great time!

Just one part of the yard!
Just one part of the yard!

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