Places to visit in WA

Coral Bay - truly magnificent
Coral Bay – one of many incredible places to visit

Western Australia is truly a magnificent place to visit. From massive deserts through to some of the best beaches in the world, forests and everything in between, if you want an adventure WA is the place to be. I’ve started writing guides about some of the magnificent places you can explore in WA.

If you are looking for camping specific locations, have a look at Camping in WA. If you are after locations based more around four wheel driving, have a look at 4WD Tracks in WA. Below is the list of locations I have written about to date, along with their distance and direction from Perth. Please enjoy and share these so everyone can appreciate what this awesome state has to offer.

Rottnest Island 31 E

Wilbinga 70.3 NE

Dwellingup 106 SSE

Ledge Point 119 NE

Lancelin 127 NE

Brunswick Junction 164 S

Grey 182 NW

Honeymoon Pool 204 SSE

Busselton 221 SE

Sandy Cape 236 NE

Dunsborough 247 SW

Smiths Beach 256 SE

Bunker Bay 259 SW

Margaret River 267 SE

Lake Jasper 317 S

Wave Rock (Hyden) 334 NSE

Walpole 414 SE

Peaceful Bay 447 SE

Lucky Bay 550 NNE

Wagoe 565 NNE

Kalbarri 586 NNE

Warroora Station 1002 NNE

Coral Bay 1137 N

Broome 2184 NW

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