4WDing Meaning; Four Wheel Driving

If the word 4WDing looks a bit strange to you, don’t feel bad. It certainly isn’t the first time people have asked what it means!

The 4WDing meaning is simply Four Wheel Driving. It’s a rather unfortunate word, as there’s no alternative that makes sense or that looks right. 

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4WDing in Australia
4WDing up a steep hill climb near Esperance

As such, 4WDing has become the primary way of explaining the act of taking your four wheel drive off road in Australia when you write about it.

4x4ing doesn’t really make sense (and how do you verbally say it?!), 4WDriving is even worse, Four Wheel Driving is far too long and 4 Wheeling is an American term that has not been used in Australia significantly in the past.

Regardless of what you call it, if you are taking a 4WD off road, you’ll be having a whole heap of fun doing it, and the options for adventure go through the roof.

4WD Tracks in WA
We’ve got more 4WD tracks in Australia than you can poke a stick at

Here at 4WDing Australia, we are here to help you take your 4WD off the beaten track, anywhere in this great country of ours!

Do you own a 4WD? Where’s your favourite places to go?

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