Camping; the ultimate guide in Australia

For many people, there’s nothing better than throwing a bit of gear into a 4WD, or packing the caravan or camper trailer and heading off into the distance. Whether you are chasing the pristine beaches of WA, or just a quiet weekend around the fire with friends and family you can’t go wrong.

On this hub page, you’ll find links to everything you need to know about camping including places to go, gear recommendations (that are not sponsored or biased) along with plenty of technical information on caravans and camper trailers! Find what you are interested in, and head on through.

Camp Sites in Western Australia

Western Australia has some of the best camp sites in the country, and we are always on the lookout for the best ones. For a complete list of where we’ve stayed, and what sites are incredible, this is the post to read.

Camping near Perth

Camp Sites in South Australia

We’ve finally made it over to South Australia, and have had an incredible time exploring so many places that blew our minds time and time again. If you are after the best of the best camp sites that we’ve discovered in South Australia, with comprehensive links to every single location, you’ll want to check this out!

Amazing views at Point Brown

Camp Sites in Victoria

We were a bit unsure of what to expect in Victoria, but the camping here has shocked us in terms of how stunning it is, how many spots there are and how cheap some of the camping is. Victoria has some of the most amazing camp sites we’ve ever been to, and in this post we share them all with you.

McLennans Punt Camping

Camp Sites in Queensland

There are some truly unbelievable camp sites in Queensland, and not all of them are along the coast, like you might expect. From sugarcane through to crocodiles, sunshine and waterfalls, you’re bound to have an amazing time exploring these Queensland Camp Sites.

Insane beach side camping

Caravans and Camper Trailers

The Caravan and Camper Trailer market has exploded beyond belief in Australia, and there’s a huge amount to know before you buy one. If you have one already, we offer a heap of tips to make your travel easier and safer here.

Lifestyle Reconn R2 Review

Camping Gear

Camping has changed a lot over the years, and you can buy some truly insane gear today. If you want to know more about camping gear including food preparation, showers and more, check this out.

Oztent RV5

Camp Sites in the NT

In 2018 we spent 3 months exploring the northern parts of Australia, and found some next level camp sites in the Northern Territory. If you want to know about them, check this out.

Low cost camping in the NT

Camp Cooking

There’s not much better than a nice meal when you are camping. In this section, we show you some of our favourite recipes, how to make cooking easier and general food tips.

Chocolate Marshmallow Damper

Camping with Kids

There’s not much that is more challenging than camping with young kids. However, they love it, and learn so much and the effort is well and truly worth the reward. If you are considering taking kids camping, this part of the site will get you on the right track. With 35 ways to make camping with a toddler easier, and plenty more to come check it out.

Toasted marshmallows

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