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Lap of Australia Itinerary

There’s no place quite like Australia, and we spent the last 7 odd years working towards doing a big lap of Australia, and have since taken off from Perth for at least a year on the road, and maybe more depending on how it goes.

In this post, I want to cover our itinerary, with links to the places we’ve been. I’ll try not to go into too much detail here, as its going to be long enough! We are currently on the road, and will update this every week or so to give you an idea of where we’ve been.

Camped at Point Brown

We’re on a lap of Australia, and here’s our Lap of Australia Itinerary:

Western Australia

Day 1 – Perth to the weighbridge, and then out to Hyden where we camped at Flat Rock on the Holland Track

Day 2 – Flat Rock along the Hyden Norseman Road, filling up with our final bit of fuel before hitting Woorlba Rest area for a night

South Australia

Day 3 – Woorlba Rest Area to Madura Caves and then into South Australia and onto the Bunda Cliffs Camp sites

Day 4 – Bunda Cliffs to Scotts Beach

Day 5 – Stayed at Scotts Beach and visited Mexican Head and Fowlers Bay, along with Point Fowler

Day 6 – Stayed another night at Scotts Beach and enjoyed the area.

Day 7 – Scotts Beach through Ceduna to Wittelbee Conservation Park

Day 8 – Wittelbee to Point Brown

Day 9 – Point Brown to Perlubie Beach

Day 10 – Kicking back at Perlubie Beach

Day 11 – Stayed at Perlubie Beach and explored south of Streaky Bay by 4WD

Day 12 – Perlubie Beach to Pildappa rock and the Gawler Ranges at Yandinga campsite

Day 13 – Exploring 4WD tracks around the Gawler Ranges

Day 14 – Gawler Ranges through to Port Augusta for  food, water etc before free camping at Pichi Richi, and then into the Flinders Ranges for 3 odd weeks.

Day 15 – Pichi Richi to Mern Merna Station

Day 16 – Exploring Mern Merna Station and doing the Burnette 4WD track

Day 17 – Mern Merna Station to Parachilna Gorge

Day 18 – Parachilna Gorge to Moolooloo Station

Day 19 – Exploring Moolooloo Station and Ferguson Gorge

Day 20 – Moolooloo Station to Arkaroola

Day 21 – Enjoying Arkaroola and doing a number of Arkaroola 4WD tracks

Day 22 – Enjoying Arkaroola and doing the Echo Camp Backtrack 4WD track

Day 23 – Arkaroola to Chambers Gorge

Day 24 – Chambers Gorge to Willow Springs

Day 25 – Enjoying Willow Springs, and exploring Bunyeroo and Brachina Gorge

Day 26 – A drive out to Wilpena Pound, and then kicking back at Willow Springs whilst it kept raining

Day 27 – Willow Springs to Rawnsley Park Station

Day 28 – Enjoying Rawnsley Station

Day 29 – Rawnsley Station to Argadells

Day 30 – Enjoying Argadells

Day 31 – Argadells through Quorn to Stony Creek Bush Camp

Day 32 – Exploring Wilmington from Stony Creek Bush Camp, and heading to Alligator Gorge

Day 33 – Stony Creek bush Camp onto private property

Day 34 – Staying with friends on private property

Day 35 – Staying with friends on private property

Day 36 – Staying with friends on private property

Day 37 – Staying with friends on private property

Day 38 – Friends property onto Queen B campsite on Fitzgerald Bay

Day 39 – Kicking back at Queen B camp site on Fitzgerald Bay

Day 40 – Queen B onto Whyalla Caravan Park

Day 41 – Doing washing, shopping and tidying up at Whyalla Caravan and Tourist Park

Day 42 – Whyalla Caravan Park to Point Gibbon

Day 43 – Enjoying Point Gibbon

Day 44 – Enjoying Point Gibbon

Day 45 – Point Gibbon to Carrow Wells

Day 46 – Enjoying Carrow Wells

Day 47 – Carrow Wells to Red Cliff Beach

Day 48 – Red Cliff Beach to Moonlight Bay

Day 49 – Moonlight Bay to Bayview Park in Port Lincoln

Day 50 – Exploring Port Lincoln

Day 51 – Exploring Port Lincoln

Day 52 – Exploring Port Lincoln and getting the Isuzu Dmax serviced

Day 53 – Bayview Park to Fisherman Point in Lincoln National Park

Day 54 – Enjoying Fisherman Point

Day 55 – Fisherman Point to Horse Rock and the Wanna to Sleaford 4WD track

Day 56 – Horse Rock to Engine Point

Day 57 – Engine Point to September Beach

Day 58 – Enjoying September Beach

Day 59 – September Beach back into Port Lincoln for a key, then out to Memory Cove

Day 60 – Enjoying Memory Cove

Day 61 – Enjoying Memory Cove

Day 62 – Memory Cove to Mikkira Station

Day 63 – Mikkira Station to Yangie Bay

Day 64 – Yangie Bay to Black Springs Overflow and out to Morgan’s Landing across Seven Mile Beach

Day 65 – Relaxing around Black Springs Overflow

Day 66 – Black Springs overflow to Nyroca Camp

Day 67 – Nyroca Camp to Hall Bay

Day 68 – Relaxing around Hall Bay

Day 69 – Hall Bay to Walkers Rock

Day 70 – Relaxing around Walkers Rock, and exploring Elliston

Day 71 – Walkers Rock to Talia Cave and through to Point Labatt

Day 72 – Point Labatt to Perlubie Beach

Day 73 – Perlubie Beach to Port Augusta at the Augusta Caravan Park

Day 74 – Stocking up with food, and doing some Christmas shopping, plus refilling gas in Port Augusta

Day 75 – Port Augusta to Alford Recreation Park

Day 76 – Alford Recreation Park to Balgowan Campground

Day 77 – Balgowan Campground to Wauraltee Beach

Day 78 – Wauraltee Beach to Parara Campground

Day 79 – Parara Campground to Burners Beach

Day 80 – Kicking back around Burners Beach and Point Turton

Day 81 – Burners Beach to Gym Beach in the Innes National Park

Day 82 – Relaxing around Gym Beach

Day 83 – Gym Beach to Pondalowie Bay Bush Campground

Day 84 – Relaxing around Pondalowie Bay

Day 85 – Relaxing around Pondalowie Bay

Day 86 – Pondalowie Bay to Swincer Rocks

Day 87 – Swincer Rocks to Kadina Showgrounds for the Christmas parade

Day 88 – Kadina Showgrounds to Moonta RV overnight stay

Day 89 – Moonta RV overnight stay through Adelaide to Pink Gum Camp Ground

Day 90 – Enjoying Pink Gum Camp Ground with a visit to Hahndorf

Day 91 – Pink Gum Camp Ground to the front lawn of family in Victor Harbor

Day 92 to day 100 Enjoying Christmas and New Years in Victor Harbor and doing the Urimbirra Wildlife Park, walking to Granite Island, the Victor Harbor Steam train and the Goolwa Beach 4WD track to the river mouth.

Day 101 – Victor Harbor to Deep Creek Conservation Park

Day 102 – Exploring Deep Creek National Park and doing the Blowhole Beach 4WD track, and Boat Harbor Beach.

Day 103 – More hikes and exploration in Deep Creek Conservation Park

Day 104 – Deep Creek Conservation Park to Rapid Bay

Day 105 – Enjoying Rapid Bay with a day trip to Cape Jervis

Day 106 – Rapid Bay to a Hipcamp at Aldinga called Blissful Peace, and spending the afternoon on Aldinga Beach

Day 107 – Exploring Aldinga and Carickalinga

Day 108 – Aldinga to Belair Caravan Park in Adelaide

Day 109 – Enjoying the Adelaide Zoo

Day 110 – Relaxing around Belair Caravan Park after checking out Mt Lofty and the Botanical Gardens

Day 111 – Belair Caravan Park to 42 mile crossing campground in the Coorong National Park

Day 112 – 42 Mile Crossing Campground to The Granites near Kingston SE

Day 113 – Granite Rocks to Kingston SE RV park and out to Cape Jaffe

Day 114 – Exploring the Robe 4WD tracks

Day 115 – Kingston RV Park to Southend Tourist Park

Day 116 – Exploring the Canuda National Park

Day 117 – Southend Tourist Park to Tantanoola caves and then Bellum Pub in Mt Gambier

Day 118 – Exploring Mt Gambier including the Blue Lakes and Umpherston Sinkhole

Day 119 – Bellum Pub to and onto Kromelite Road Rest Area just out of Mount Gambier

Day 120 – Exploring Piccaninny Ponds and Port Mcdonnell

Day 121 – Kromelite Road Rest Area to Lake Leake

Day 122 – Relaxing around Lake Leake and saying goodbye to our folks who are heading back to Perth


Day 123 – Lake Leake into Victoria, and to Fort O’hare free camp at Dartmoor

Day 124 – Fort O’hare to Lake Mombeong

Day 125 – Lake Mombeong to Sawpit Free Camp

Day 126 – Exploring Portland and relaxing at camp

Day 127 – Sawpit Free Camp to Annya Camp

Day 128 – Relaxing around Annya Camp

Day 129 – Annya Camp to friends front yard on the way to the Grampians

Day 130 – Friends property to Glendinning Campground

Day 131 – Relaxing around Glendinning

Day 132 – Glendinning to Smiths Mill Campground in the Grampians

Day 133 – Exploring the Grampians, and doing Mackenzie Falls

Day 134 – Exploring the Grampians

Day 135 – Smiths Mill to Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park

Day 136 – Exploring more of the Grampians

Day 137 – Exploring more of the Grampians

Day 138 – Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park to Plantation Campground

Day 139 – Exploring Bee Hive Falls

Day 140 – Plantation Campground to Boreang Campground

Day 141 – Exploring Goat Track, Harrop track and back to Boreang Campground

Day 142 – Boreang Campground to Hawkesdale Golf Club

Day 143 – Hawkesdale Golf Club to Warnambool Surfside Park

Day 143 – Warnambool Surfside Park to Princetown Recreation Reserve

Day 144 – Princetown Recreation Reserve to Johanna Beach

Day 145 – Johanna Beach to Aire River West Campground

Day 146 – Aire River West to Aire Crossing (different, but amazing campground to the above)

Day 147 – Exploring Aire Crossing and Triplet Falls

Day 148 – Aire River Crossing to Beauchamp Falls Campground and checking out the Otways Redwoods

Day 149 – Walking to Beauchamp Falls

Day 150 – Relaxing at Beauchamp Falls Campground and checking out Lake Elizabeth

Day 151 – Beauchamp Falls to Blanket Bay Campground

Day 152 – Blanket Bay to Meredith Park on Lake Colac

Day 153 – Relaxing around Meredith Park

Day 154 – Relaxing around Meredith Park

Day 155 – Meredith Park in Colac to Jamieson Creek Campground

Day 156 – Relaxing at Jamieson Creek after doing the Jamieson Track

Day 157 – Relaxing around Jamieson Creek after exploring a few waterfalls

Day 158 – Jamieson Creek Campground to Hammonds Road North Campground

Day 159 – Doing 4WD tracks from Anglesea to Lorne

Day 160 – Relaxing at Hammonds Road North Campground

Day 161 – Hammonds Road North Campground to Fridays Campground

Day 162 – Fridays Campground to Amblers Crossing

Day 163 – Doing 4WD tracks around Lerderderg, Blackwood and Wombat State Forest

Day 164 – Amblers Lane to Cobaw Campground

Day 164 – Cobaw Campground to Lakeside Campground at Lake Eildon

Day 165 – Relaxing around Lake Eildon, and checking out Eildon itself

Day 166 – Lakeside Campground on Lake Eildon to a Caravan Overnight Farmstay not too far away

Day 167 – Exploring the region around the Caravan Overnight Farm Stay

Day 168 – Caravan Overnight Farm stay onto the Rubicon and Cathedral Range 4WD tracks, before staying a night at Cooks Mill

Day 169 – Cooks Mill to Lake Mountain Camping area in the car park

Day 170 – Lake Mountain to Fishbone Flats

Day 171 – Fishbone Flats to Jack Scotts Reserve near Woods Point and checking out Comet Flats

Day 172 – Exploring the Mount Terrible 4WD tracks

Day 173 – Relaxing around Woods Point and spending the afternoon at Comet Flats

Day 174 – Jack Scotts Campground to Matlock and down Walhalla Road to Meringtons Campground

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