4WD Tracks in Queensland

We love nothing more than a good 4WD track through incredible regions of Australia, and after nearly 8 months of travel we finally rolled into Queensland, in search of the best camping and tracks.

If you’re chasing 4WD tracks in Queensland, this is where we’ve listed every track that we’ve done, along with a heap of information about the difficulty level, what’s worth seeing and not, and heaps more.

Daintree region looking down
Queensland has some epic 4WD Tracks to explore, like the Bloomfield in the Daintree region

If you are chasing 4WD tracks in other states, we have done exactly the same for Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia.

For now though, here’s some of the 4WD tracks in Queensland that we’ve done, with a heap of information on each:

Elim Beach and the Coloured Sands

Elim Beach Coloured Sands from aboveThere’s a few 4WD tracks that you can do at the beautiful Elim Beach, north of Cooktown. We only had time to drive out to the Coloured Sands, which are an easy beach drive not too far from Elim Beach. You can walk this if you prefer, and then hike into the Coloured Sands themselves, which are astounding.


The Bloomfield Track

Dmax on the Bloomfield TrackThe Daintree region was a bucket list item for us, and the Bloomfield Track is the perfect way to experience it. Whilst this is not a difficult 4WD track, its steep in both directions, beautiful and has some sensational places to stop and soak it all in.


Mutee Head

Mutee Head CampgroundIf you make it to the top of Cape York, a good day trip is to head out to Mutee Head, the turtle breeding area, WW2 radar and then the Jardine River Mouth. None of this is overly difficult 4WDing, but the scenery makes it worth a drive.




Cape York

Driving out to Cape YorkPerhaps one of the most iconic 4WD locations in the country, getting to the tip of Cape York is hugely popular, and for good reason. We spent a number of weeks getting here, and have a very detailed post covering everything you need to know. 



Mt Lewis National Park

Turning around on Mount LewisNot far inland from Mossman is a beautiful National Park that hardly anyone seems to know anything about. Mt Lewis Road will take you up the mountain, and whilst its not overly difficult it is scenic beyond words, and we had an amazing few hours exploring the area.


Clohesy Fig Tree and 4WD track

Driving through water at ClohesyIf you’re keen on a short, but fun adventure through the rainforest and past a truly amazing fig tree, the Clohesy River Road and Fig Tree are completely and utterly worth a visit, not far from Mareeba.



Elliot Falls 4WD Track

Wheel lift in the PajeroIf you’re heading to Cape York, you absolutely must stop in at Fruit Bat Falls and Elliot Falls. The latter requires a 4WD and a bit of experience to get you there, but the short drive off the Peninsula Development Road is well and truly worth it.


Lake Tinaroo 4WD Tracks

Gillies Lookout 4WD TrackLake Tinaroo completely and utterly blew my mind, and we had a ball exploring the area around the Lake. There’s a couple of 4WD tracks that are a whole lot of fun; Mount Edith, and Gillies Lookout. These are both easy enough to get to, but you need some decent all terrain tyres, a bit of clearance and skill, and a sense of adventure!


Blencoe Falls

Blencoe Falls waterfall on the way upQueensland has some amazing waterfalls, and Blencoe Falls is up there with the best that we saw. A good part of the reason for this was the epic 4WD track that takes you there, up the range on Kirrama Range Road. We did it after some rain, and it was truly unbelievable, with insane views and scenery.


Notch Point

Notch Point is beyond stunningIf you’re looking for magic free camping on the coast of Queensland, you won’t go past Notch Point. To get there though, you need a 4WD and you drive a short, fairly easy track in that a lot of people take big caravans on. 


Captains Crossing Track in Mia Mia State Forest

Captains Crossing 4WD tracksAfter a good couple of nights at the Pinnacle Hotel, we headed out for the day to do the Captains Crossing Track and explore some of the 4WD Tracks in the Mia Mia State Forest. This is a beautiful part of the world, and well worth a look.


The Diggings Campground

Driving into the Diggings CampgroundOne of our favourite campgrounds in Queensland so far is The Diggings, and the drive in is a heap of fun. There’s 3 ways that you can drive in, and all require a 4WD. There’s a nice creek crossing in the middle of the campground, and its just an incredible place to be.

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  1. Hey Georgette and Greg,

    Sounds amazing. You are pretty much good to go except the national parks with a dog, which are easy to find. You’ll have to find a pet sitter to visit those.

    The conservation and state parks are OK for dogs too.

    Wikicamps does a good job helping you find suitable locations

    All the best

  2. Georgette and Greg Gordon says:

    Since recently retired, we are moving back to Australia. Our plan is to camp around the area of Queensland and enjoy our home we purchased in North Queensland. We have a chocolate lab so any advice on pet restrictions would be helpful.