4WD Tracks in NSW

State by state, we’re on the hunt for awesome 4WD tracks, and NSW is up. We flew through it earlier in the year heading north to Airlie Beach, but now have a fair chunk of time to really look around. We’d heard lots about amazing tracks in NSW, and were keen to check them out.

In this post, here’s the 4WD Tracks in NSW that we’ve been to, with plenty more in the pipeline:

Yuraygir National Park on Sandon Beach

If you’re keen on beach driving, there’s great access at Illaroo Campground, and you can drive north all the way to Sandon. You’d want to pick your tides, but it seemed fairly hard when we drove it.

On the beach at Illaroo
Illaroo beach has great 4WD access to Sandon

Magic Pool in Coffs Harbour

We were super excited to find some 4WD tracks around Coffs Harbour, and headed out to Magic Pool. This is a relatively easy track in the dry, but add some rain in and it can get messy real quickly.

The pool itself is a great swim, with no one around mid week and the track in and out was a fair bit of fun.

Driving out to Magic Pool
The tracks are nothing too difficult in the dry
Magic Pool 4WD Track
You absolutely need a 4WD to get to Magic Pool
Driving out to Magic Pool
You go past some magic little pools on the way too
Beautiful Magic Pool
Magic Pool is a short walk from the car park, and is fantastic

Point Plomer

If you’re keen on magic coastline, Point Plomer is a great place to camp. You can however, take a drive from here south along the beach (you need a permit), or along the track which is very rough and slow, and hop on a ferry across to Port Macquarie.

Rough track south of Point Plomer
The track south of Point Plomer is pretty slow and rough

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