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Over the years we’ve written a number of posts about items under the bonnet, and this post delves into them. Whether you want to keep your automatic transmission healthier by fitting a cooler, or install LED headlights, or fit a catch can we’ve covered a range of topics which you’ll find below.

Fitting an aftermarket Transmission Cooler

Davies Craig coolerWhen we upgraded from our 80 Series Land Cruiser to an Isuzu Dmax, one of the requirements was it had to be an automatic. Being our first automatic 4WD, there was some learning to be had, and we fitted an aftermarket transmission cooler not too long ago to cope with the extra heat. This was all part of caring for an automatic transmission.


Are HID and LED light conversions illegal?

Old lights vs new NarvaA lot of new 4WD’s come factory fitted with LED or HID headlights. The benefits are significant in terms of light output, power consumption and reliability. Of course, when new technology comes out everyone is quick to try and roll it backwards, into vehicles that never came with it.


Provent vs HPD Catch cans; a real world comparison

Provent 100 catch can reviewIf you’ve been following along, you’ll know my new Dmax was fitted with a HPD catch can not long after getting it as a catch can is a sensible idea, and they were the most highly recommended by a huge number of workshops and individuals.

A few months later, I received a report from Curtin University showing how poorly the HPD catch can performed in a laboratory test when compared against other catch cans

How much attention does your 4WD’s air filter get?

Air box sealingWhen was the last time you checked your air filter?

The air filter in your 4WD does a very, very important role. If you were to remove it and drive on any dusty roads, your motor would live a substantially shortened life.

Why everyone should carry a spare radiator cap

Radiator cap spareDespite costing a mere couple of bucks, your radiator cap is one of the most important parts of your 4WD. They do not last forever, and can ‘let go’ without much notice. Not a whole lot of fun if you are in the middle of the bush.


Is a Catch Can important on a modern turbo diesel?

Provent Catch can after 5625kmIf you own a modern turbo diesel without a catch can, you’ll probably look back in the future and wish you’d fitted one. You can get a variety of different brands and models of catch can kits for $150 – $450 installed, and they play a hugely important role for your motor.


A new turbo for our new Dmax

Isuzu DmaxI arrived home late one night, to see our new 4WD parked on the driveway. A 2016 Isuzu Dmax, purchased from Victoria and trucked over. Shiny, relatively clean and only 31km on the odometer; an undriven demo.


The Viscous Fan Hub

Viscous Fan hub new from ToyotaA lot of 4WD’s run viscous fan hubs. Over time, they deteriorate and eventually stop working. This means your engine has very little air being sucked through via the main cooling fan and as a result it can overheat.

The viscous fan hub is one of the most commonly overlooked components on a 4WD, and whats worse is it plays one of the most critical roles. It’s a recipe for total disaster; when did you last check yours?

Gturbo Diesel Power Upgrade

Gturbo goldSeveral years ago a mate of mine showed me some power figures that a member of a 4WD forum was getting out of his 1HD-FTE (100 series turbo diesel Land Cruiser engine) using a custom turbo setup, running in a Lexus 4WD. I was blown away, but didn’t pay too much attention at the time as I was still driving around in a Petrol Hilux which couldn’t pull the skin off a rice pudding.

Fuel Filter Light; what should you do?

Reliable 4WDIf you’re driving along, and the fuel filter light comes on, what should you do? You should know, as driving on without knowing what you are doing can be a very costly exercise, and one you’ll live to regret.



Provent 200 Filter Replacement

Provent 200 filter replacementIf you are running a Provent catch can, they need the filters replaced periodically, and if you don’t replace them, they’ll cause you a mighty big headache. Find out what you need to do, and why, here.

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