Our Setup for travelling around Australia on the Big Lap

Our travelling Australia setup has changed a lot over the years, from a cheap Hilux 4WD and Oztent, eventually morphing into an Isuzu Dmax and Reconn R2 Hybrid Camper. On this page, we cover our previous setups, what we run now, unbiased reviews and heaps more. You can find out more about us too.

We’re currently on a Lap of Australia with the below setup, and having a ball.

Our Current Setup

Isuzu Dmax

Our 2016 Isuzu Dmax was built to double as the family car, and to be a reliable tourer. We’ve got a heap of posts covering modifications done, costs, problems that we’ve had, what we got wrong and a lot more here.

Dmax in the Daintree

Lifestyle Reconn R2

Our home on wheels, for our family of 4 is a 2018 Lifestyle Reconn R2. We’ve had this for the better part of 4 years now, and have done nearly 500 nights in it. Here’s our reviews, technical information, problems that we’ve had, modifications that we’ve made, how we came about buying a Reconn R2 and heaps more.

Reconn R2 wheel nut torque

Our Old Setups

Off road boat trailer

A few years back, I decided to build a toy, to take our adventures to the next level. I modified a trailer extensively to take 33 inch tyres, purchased a new motor and have tested this trailer all over Australia with zero issues. To see the full build, check this out.

4WD boat trailer

80 Series Land Cruiser Build

Our 80 Series was hugely modified, and was insured for 42k. I loved this car, and we had some seriously fun adventures in it. We’ve sold it now, but if you want to see the build check this out.

80 Series Land Cruiser

Our Soft Floor Camper Trailer

After our first son was born, we purchased a soft floor camper trailer which we used for a number of years, and clocked up around 150 nights in it. It’s gone now, and I’m glad for it, but we had a lot of fun with it

Camper trailer at Cleaverville

Our Hilux

Our first 4WD was a 22R, 2.4 litre petrol Toyota Hilux. It was slow as, rough as guts but bullet proof, and we had a heap of fun in it with very limited modifications.

Beach Driving in the Hilux

Our Oztent

Our first tent was the Oztent RV5, and we did nearly 100 nights in this, before selling it to my brother. If size isn’t an issue, they are a fantastic tent.

Oztent in the Kimberley

Dune swag and family tents

Prior to the Oztent, I used a bunky old Dune swag, and a number of different tents from the family, ranging from giant canvas ones through to tiny dome tents. Good times!

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