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Our travelling Australia setup has changed a lot over the years, from a cheap Hilux 4WD and Oztent, eventually morphing into an Isuzu Dmax and Reconn R2 Hybrid Camper. On this page, we cover our previous setups, what we run now, unbiased reviews and heaps more. You can find out more about us too.

Our Isuzu Dmax for touring Australia

Dmax beach driving

Our 2016 Isuzu Dmax was built to double as the family car, and to be a reliable tourer. We were careful in choosing the accessories fitted to ensure the budget wasn’t ridiculous, but that it did what we needed it to. For the full build, including what it weighs, what it cost, and what we think of it, check this out.


Isuzu Dmax Review

Dmax review

After 3 years, and nearly 60,000km we’ve done a comprehensive review of our Isuzu Dmax. This is not a 5 minute magazine review where they hop from car to car, but after driving it every day, and even living out of it for 3 months on the road.


Where does the Isuzu Dmax fall short?

A leaking transfer case

No 4WD is perfect. Seriously, everything you buy will have its shortcomings, and the Isuzu Dmax is no exception. We’ve had a reasonable run, but it hasn’t been perfect, and the Dmax has some common problems that you should be aware of.


Isuzu Dmax touring 4WD build; a look into what it weighs

ARB GVM Upgrade Dmax

Ensuring your 4WD is underweight should be a huge priority, and unfortunately a lot of people don’t do this. If you want to know what a dual cab that is set up for touring Australia weighs with everything loaded including two kids, check this out.


What did our Isuzu Dmax build cost?

Isuzu Dmax buildIf you want to know exactly how much we spent on our Isuzu Dmax to make it into a reliable, comfortable and reasonably capable tourer, check this out.



Isuzu Dmax summary post

Our Isuzu DmaxIf you want to see everything we’ve written that involves the Dmax (and its problems too), this covers the whole lot.



Swapping from an 80 series to an Isuzu Dmax

Changing 4WD's

3 years ago we sold our 80 Series Land Cruiser which had a huge amount of money spent on it, and bought an Isuzu Dmax. I got a lot of flak for doing this, but the reasons were solid, and looking back I should have done it earlier. If you are considering upgrading from an older vehicle to a modern, dual cab Ute, this post will give you a lot to think about.

Our new camper; a Reconn R2

Reconn R2 storage

If there’s one thing that turns heads when we drive around, its the Lifestyle Reconn R2 that we tow. These are unique in many ways, and are a great compromise between a full size caravan and a light weight camper trailer. With a huge amount of storage, water capacity and a great kitchen (along with being Australian made) they are worth a look. You can read about our experience here.

Reconn R2 long term review

Dmax and Reconn

After more than a year of ownership, and 70 nights done in the Reconn R2 with two young kids, we’ve done a full review. Overall its great, but it certainly isn’t perfect, and Lifestyle need to give it a bit of a tickle in some areas to make it next level. To read our full, unbiased review, check it out here.


Lithium Battery and Solar upgrade on our Hybrid

Lithium battery installAfter deciding to do a lap of Australia, I knew we needed to upgrade our battery and solar system on the Reconn R2. We went with 340aH of lithium batteries, and 720W of solar on the roof in a fairly budget, but decent quality setup. Want to know more? Check it out here.


Reconn R2 extra long term review

Skull springs rocksAfter more than 200 nights, and 3 years of ownership, its time to release our final, extra long review on the Lifestyle Reconn R2. This has been punished, and we are really happy with its performance overall, and are taking it on a full time, lap of the country for a year or two shortly!



Off road boat trailer

4WD boat trailer

A few years back, I decided to build a toy, to take our adventures to the next level. I modified a trailer extensively to take 33 inch tyres, purchased a new motor and have tested this trailer all over Australia with zero issues. To see the full build, check this out.


Our old rigs:

80 Series Land Cruiser Build

80 Series Land Cruiser

Our 80 Series was hugely modified, and was insured for 42k. I loved this car, and we had some seriously fun adventures in it. We’ve sold it now, but if you want to see the build check this out.



Our Soft Floor Camper Trailer

Camper trailer at Cleaverville

After our first son was born, we purchased a soft floor camper trailer which we used for a number of years, and clocked up around 150 nights in it. It’s gone now, and I’m glad for it, but we had a lot of fun with it


Our Hilux

Beach Driving in the Hilux

Our first 4WD was a 22R, 2.4 litre petrol Toyota Hilux. It was slow as, rough as guts but bullet proof, and we had a heap of fun in it with very limited modifications.



Our Oztent

Oztent in the Kimberley

Our first tent was the Oztent RV5, and we did nearly 100 nights in this, before selling it to my brother. If size isn’t an issue, they are a fantastic tent.



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