4WD tracks in Victoria

Victoria is one of the most well known states in the country for 4WD tracks, and we’re on a mission to do as many of them as possible. Having grown up and done hundreds of WA 4WD tracks, before moving to the South Australia 4WD tracks, its time to continue in Victoria.

Without further ado, here’s a heap of posts of places you can take your 4WD to in Victoria!

4WD Tracks near Melbourne

Big ruts on the Mitchell TrackIf you are in Melbourne, and looking for 4WD tracks nearby there are more than you could cover in weeks on the road, as we very quickly discovered. Here’s some truly awesome tracks, ranging from the beautiful high country through to the Cobaw State Forest, and even the Great Ocean Road.


Mount Clay near Sawpit Free Camp

Sawpit Free CampingOur first taste of 4WD tracks in Victoria was on Mount Clay, not far from Sawpit Free Camp. We only had a little poke around here before it started to rain, but there’s plenty of tracks to drive around, varying in difficulty level.




Mt Difficult 4WD Track

Mount Difficult 4WD trackIf you want a short, fairly easy but fun track not far from Halls Gap, you won’t go too wrong with the Mount Difficult 4WD track in the Grampians. We did this after returning from Beehive falls and had a bit of fun!



Harrop Track

Harrop Track in the GrampiansThe Harrop Track butts up to Goat Track, and is nothing more than a gravel road through a scenic part of the Grampians. I’m not sure why its classified as a 4WD track, but it is!



Goat Track

Goat Track in the GrampiansLeaving Boreang Campground, we drove the Goat Track off Syphon Road from East to West, and had a ball. This 4WD Track is relatively short and fast, but has incredible views and enough technical driving to make it a whole heap of fun, and we’d highly recommend doing it.


Phillip Island Track

Phillip Island Track viewsTo get to Goat Track, we headed along Phillip Island Track. This is a sandy and gravel 4WD track with very limited 4WDing, but its scenic and worth a drive.



The Otways

Halls Ridge Road 4WD track

Mud 4WD track in VictoriaIf you’re chasing a muddy adventure that starts at a beautiful campground, Halls Ridge Road is it. Even in late February this had plenty of mud around, and is only suitable for well modified 4WD’s. 



Jamieson Track by 4WD

Heading up the Jamieson TrackIf you’re after a 4WD track that follows the Great Ocean Road, the Jamieson Track is spectacular, along with the many tracks that branch off it. This starts at the beautiful Jamieson Creek Campground, and is well and truly worth doing.



Anglesea 4WD tracks

Turning onto Big Hill 4WD TrackThere’s a heap of 4WD tracks around the Anglesea, Lorne and Winchelsea region, and we set off for the day to explore as many as possible. Starting with Denhams Track, we found a number that were well worth doing, with some pretty spectacular views along the way.


Mt Cowley Track

Mt Cowley 4WD trackIf you are chasing a short, picturesque 4WD track to the highest point in the Great Otways National Park, the Mt Cowley Track will take you there. This is nothing difficult, and the views at the top are non existent, but its a nice drive nonetheless.



Inland of Melbourne

Brisbane Ranges 4WD Tracks

Steep tracks in our Reconn R2After a big day around Torquay and Geelong, we spent a night at Fridays Campground before heading out to explore the Brisbane Ranges 4WD Tracks. We did this with our Reconn R2 behind us, and found some pretty magic scenery along the way. This is not difficult, but its a good day out.


Lerderderg, Wombat State Forest and Blackwood 4WD Tracks

Rock step from the north going into Amblers CrossingThere’s a huge number of more technical 4WD tracks further north, in Lerderderg State Forest, Wombat State forest and around Blackwood. Starting on Amblers Lane, we covered a number of them, and found some more difficult 4WD tracks to push our Dmax a bit harder.


Cobaw 4WD Tracks

Cobaw State Forest is much harderIf you are chasing tough 4WD tracks close to Melbourne, Cobaw State Forest is a great place to start. We spent a night camping here, and found some pretty wild 4WD tracks that we weren’t game on tackling. We did do a few others though, and had a heap of fun.


High Country 4WD Tracks

Rubicon and Cathedral Range 4WD tracks

Rubicon River CrossingIf you’re chasing a truly awesome 4WD track not far from Melbourne, this takes you through Rubicon State Forest, which is stunning, and into Cathedral Range, where you’ll do a slightly more challenging run. We towed our Reconn R2 Hybrid on this route, and pushed the friendship a bit, but had a great time.


Mt Terrible 4WD Tracks

At Mt Terrible HutOur first big 4WD track in the Victorian High Country was getting to the top of Mt Terrible, via the Moonlight Spur Track, Mt Terrible Track and then back down Poletti Track. We had a heap of fun, and got to realise that WA doesn’t have hills at all, with the huge ascents and descents in Victoria! Keen to know more about the Mt Terrible 4WD tracks? Find out here.


Mt Margaret 4WD Track

Mt Margaret 4WD TrackIf you’re after a more difficult 4WD track, the Mt Margaret 4WD track not far from Licola is a cracker, with bigger rocks, some really steep sections and views that will take your breath away. We didn’t get time to do the whole track, but had a heap of fun here.



Walhalla 4WD Tracks

Telecom Track is nastyWalhalla is a place that is more beautiful than words can express, and exploring the different tracks around town is a great way to get an idea of what its all about. We did a heap of 4WD tracks around Walhalla before arriving with many bangs and bumps at the Walhalla Gold Mine car park, scaring a couple of tourists and having well and truly had a heap of fun on a variety of different difficulty tracks.


Walhalla Road

Walhalla Road in the cloudsTo get from Woods Point down to Walhalla, we took the Walhalla Road. Whilst this is not much of a 4WD track, its probably advisable to drive it with one, and here’s how we found it.



Jamieson Licola Road Conditions

Driving the Jamieson Licola RoadComing from Licola back to Jamieson, we took the Jamieson Licola Road, which we’d read was pretty average, and the description was very accurate. One section was absolutely shocking, and we were very glad to roll into Granny Flats Campground.


Bluff and Lovicks Hut

Dmax in the snowy gumsAfter a local recommended we check out Bluff and Lovicks Hut, we headed out the next day, and had a fantastic day exploring two stunning huts, in the mist of the mountains with views that were really quite surreal.


Razorback Hut

Razorback Hut in the High CountryIf you’re chasing an easy to access hut on the way to Craigs, Razorback is it. This is super easy to get to, and is incredibly picturesque. We called in for a look here, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Here’s what you need to know.


Craigs Hut

Clear Hills Track to Craigs HutIf there’s a hut that someone knows in the Victorian High Country, its going to be Craigs Hut, and its pretty spectacular. We had a great drive up, and got some pretty incredible views from the top.



Howqua 4WD Tracks

Big ruts on the Mitchell TrackWhilst camping at Frys Flat, we headed out for the day to find some 4WD tracks around the Howqua plains area, and did some challenging, but incredibly fun tracks. Want to know more? Check this out!

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