Camp Sites in Western Australia; the ultimate guide to the best

WA has some of the best camping in the world, and in this post we’ve linked to everything ever written about the amazing locations near Perth, up the coast, through Cape Range, the Pilbara, Kimberley and everything in between.

In this post, we cover links to a couple of amazing list posts, then move onto camping close to Perth, and work further away as we go down.

Camped near the water
There’s some truly unbelievable camping to be had in Western Australia

If you’re chasing an easier way to find them, then check out our amazing map, with links to the places we’ve stayed at!

Best, favourite and unbelievable camp sites in WA

60 of the best campsites near Perth

If you are looking for the perfect camping destination near Perth, today is your lucky day. In this post, we are sharing a whopping 60 of the best campsites within 3 hours (or 300km) of Perth, all perfect for a weekend or longer break away. Having grown up here and stayed at most of these sites, I can honestly tell you some of these are next level amazing. Do everyone a favour though, and look after them, please.

Camping near Perth

26 of our favourite camp sites in WA

I thought long and hard about sharing this post, but want others to enjoy our amazing state, and now you get to see what decades of travelling and exploring has yielded us, with our most favourite and treasured camp sites in Western Australia!

Camped at Running Waters

WA Camping; 30 unbelievable camp sites

Australia has some of the best camping in the world. What’s interesting is a huge number of ‘top spots’ as recommended by those who’ve done a lap of Australia are found in WA. From perfectly white beaches and pristine aqua coloured water through to amazing red rock gorges and stunning rivers, there are a lot of amazing places to enjoy in the west.

Shelter Bay Camping

23 of the best coastal camp sites in WA

The saying goes ‘West is Best’, and a lot of that stems from the coastline that we have in Western Australia, which is truly next level. You know what’s better than the best coast around though? The best coast around that you can camp at!

James Price Point

15 Amazing farm stays in Western Australia

In my mind, there’s no better camping opportunity than on someone’s private property. Farm/Station stays are becoming hugely popular places to camp at in Australia, and for good reason.

Camping around Perth

15 incredible camp sites in the South West of WA

With the South West of WA in our backyard, we’ve spent a huge number of weekends exploring it, and enjoying the many different attractions. It really is a magic part of the world, and when you combine it with these brilliant camp sites, you’re almost guaranteed for a good time.

Camping at Fonty's Pool

How to book a WA National Park Camp site online when its busy

With camping demand increasing hugely all over the country, its getting harder to book a site in peak season. If you want the best chance of booking online through the DPAW website, check this out.

Online booking search

5 Amazing Camp Sites between Port Hedland and Broome

The coastline between Port Hedland and Broome is next level, and there’s some truly unbelievable camp sites to enjoy. Over the years we’ve found 5 of our favourites, and in this post we share them with you. Pick and choose what suits best, but you really can’t go too wrong! 

Barn Hill Station

Camping Near Perth

Lane Poole Reserve

If you are looking for the best bang for buck bush location close to Perth that’s jam packed full of opportunity for adventure, you need to head to Lane Poole Reserve. We’ve been visiting for many years at any time of the year, and cannot recommend it more for a quiet break, or a trip full of adventure.

Lane Poole Reserve

Walyunga National Park

Some camp sites require a long drive to get to them. Not Walyunga National Park! You’ll find this a very short drive from Perth, and I liken it to a cross between Serpentine and Dwellingup. The park is beautiful, with plenty of opportunities for enjoying wildflowers, hiking, kayaking and soaking up the great scenery.

Enjoying a night at Walyunga

Lake Kepwari; spectacular lakeside camping

If you are looking for lakeside camping only 2 hours from Perth with a proper boat ramp and some of the most amazing attractions not far away, Lake Kepwari should be on your list.

Lake Kepwari from above

Bolinda Vale Farm; Creekside Camping near Perth

It’s been a long time since we’ve pulled into a camp site and been left speechless. That’s just changed! Today, we share with you Bolinda Vale Farm, a camp site under an hours drive from Perth that takes the best camp site near Perth to a whole new level.

Amazing camping

White Gum Farm

If you are looking for some camping near Perth that’s different to the ordinary, White Gum Farm is a fantastic place to add to the list. We’ve just spent a great weekend there, and would add it to the 60 best camp sites near Perth.

Lake Kimberley at White Gum

7 Fantastic Camp Sites Near Perth

There’s nothing better than throwing the camping gear in your car and getting away from the city for a couple of days. There are so many amazing places to camp at, and you don’t have to travel for hours on end to get to them.

Wedge Tail Eagle Retreat


Collie Camping; Potters Gorge at Wellington Dam

If you are looking for a quiet, bookable bush camp not too far from Perth, then Potters Gorge in Wellington National Park should be on your list. Potters Gorge Camping area is home to 55 individual sites, and 4 group sites and is located about 300 metres from Wellington Dam banks.

Collie Camping

Carmel Cider; the best camping near Perth

After more than 10 years of looking for the best camping near Perth, I reckon we’ve finally found it. There’s lots of things we look for to make up the ultimate camp ground, and its rare to find one that one ticks so many boxes. After an absolutely fantastic weekend at Carmel Cider though, I’m going to call it. I don’t think you’ll find a better camp site close to Perth.

Carmel Cider from above

Cowalla Camping on Moore River

If you are keen on camping right next to Moore River, on private property not too far from Perth, Cowalla Camping is the place to go. We spent an amazing weekend up there recently, and thoroughly enjoyed keeping cool in the river. 

Kayak launching area

Honeymoon Pool

Looking for a quiet, peaceful camp site right on the beautiful Preston River? Honeymoon Pool is one of the more unique camp sites in WA, run by the DBCA with some of the most peaceful outlooks around. You can also stay at Stones Brook and Gelcoat Campground, just nearby.

Honeymoon Pool

Milligan Island

Sandy Cape is a beautiful camp ground, but Milligan Island is easily comparable, and not too much further north. Run by the shire and only a short drive from Green head, the coast is absolutely spectacular and well and truly worth a visit.

Milligan Island Camping

Where can you camp in the Perth and Peel Region?

As of 27/4/20 camping is now officially permitted in WA, providing you maintain the 10 person rule, follow the usual social distancing practices and do the right thing. Initially we were over the the moon; its been a good couple of months since we’ve been out camping. That is, until we started looking for sites to stay at!

Camping near Perth

5 amazing camp sites near Perth you’ve probably never heard of

I mentioned a few posts ago that we are on a mission to find the best camping near Perth, and over the last couple of years we’ve stayed at a heap of great places. There’s something nice about getting home on a Friday afternoon, jumping in the 4WD and driving under an hour away to a nice camp site for the weekend.

Camping around Perth

Willowbrook Farm; the ultimate campground for kids near Perth

With two young kids in tow, we are always on the lookout for the best camping near Perth, and I reckon we might have found it; Willowbrook Farm! If you are after something unique, family friendly and cheap, this is a great place to visit.

Animal feeding at Willowbrook

Moore River Ranch

We are always on the lookout for new camp grounds not too far from Perth, and when we heard of Moore River Ranch, we had to check it out. We spent 3 nights there earlier in the year, and had a great time.

Toilet location choice

Unbelievable camping at Henry White Oval, Yanchep

In terms of Camping near Perth, there’s been a huge increase of fantastic places to stay pop up over the last couple of years that are not at Caravan Parks. If you want more amazing places, check this out – 60 of the best campsites near Perth.

Henry White Oval Camping

Lake Preston Lime

If you are looking for a cheap, unique and totally amazing property not too far away from Perth, Lake Preston Lime is 100% worth a stay.

Preston Lime camping

Pumphreys Bridge

There’s something about riverside camping that just does it for us. Combine it with low cost camp grounds and under 2 hours drive from Perth and you are onto a winner for any weekend of the year. We picked up a camper trailer a few weeks back, and took it on its second trip away, to Pumphreys Bridge in the shire of Wandering.

Pumphreys Bridge camping


If you are looking for a cracker camp site not too far away from Perth, Belvidere campground is certainly worth a visit. It’s has fantastic beach nearby with great fishing, plenty of room to drive your 4WD on and not far away is a designated camp site a couple of kilometres inland.

Belvidere camp fire

Campsites Near Perth; 7 great options within 3 – 5 hours of Perth

We are lucky in Western Australia to have some truly epic places to camp. From stunning beach camping through to amazing dams and pristine rivers, WA has infinite camping options.

Conto camp ground

South West and South East

Jarrahdene; brilliant bush camping in the south west

The south west of WA has some of the most stunning country Australia has to offer. From pristine Karri and Jarrah forests through to world class beaches, local produce, caves and stunning rivers there’s something for everyone, and now you can camp to your hearts content!

Camping out of Margaret River

Fernbrook Farm Stay

If you are looking for a perfect HipCamp not far from Pemberton, we thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Fernbrook Farm Stay. It’s simple, has great views, is convenient and is economical. We want to see more of these types of Hipcamps!

Camping in the R2

Warren River Camp Ground

One of the most peaceful and picturesque camp sites we’ve ever stayed at was in Pemberton, at The Warren River Campground. Located in the middle of the Karri forest, right on the banks of the Warren River this camp site is absolutely spectacular. Pemberton Camping really turns it on here.

The Warren, Pemberton

Glenbrook Camping in Margaret River

The Margaret River area is spectacular, and today there’s some pretty great, and reasonably priced places to camp not too far away, like Glenbrook. If you want to camp on a wildlife reserve, and have a friendly donkey walk through your camp, this might be the place to check out!

Camping at Glenbrook

Olive Hill Farm

If you are after brilliant camping on private property, 15 minutes from Margaret River and at only $10 per night, Olive Hill Farm is the ultimate place to check out. You can walk down the paddock for a swim in the Margaret River itself, and enjoy the beautiful region.

Olive Hill Farm

Nannup Caravan Park

There are a couple of Caravan Parks that we make exceptions to visit, and one of them is in the beautiful town of Nannup. It’s quiet, peaceful, right near a beautiful river and is an amazing winter camping destination.

Nannup Caravan Park

Wedge Tailed Eagle Retreat

Camping in a paddock right next to the beautiful Blackwood River is our idea of great camping, and we’ve stayed at Silvi’s place a couple of times now. With nothing to disturb you but a few sheep and birds, you can really unwind and enjoy the area. It gets cold, so take plenty of warm gear!

Private Property Camping

Four Mile Camp in the Fitzgerald

If you are looking for a magic camp ground in the Fitzgerald River National Park complete with hot showers and a quick walk to the beach, Four Mile is for you. It’s the perfect base to explore the amazing region around Hopetoun and we had a great stay there.

Four Mile Camp in Hopetoun

Queerearrup Lake; a magic free camp

On our way back from the Fitzgerald National Park, we were looking for somewhere to rest our heads for a night before getting back to Perth. School holidays had just started, and every man and his dog (and their families) were out and about enjoying themselves. I spent a long time on Wikicamps, before I stumbled across a place that looked promising; Queerearrup Lake.

Facilities at Lake Queerearrup

Boat Harbour Camp; amazing camping near Denmark

If you are looking for incredible beaches, brilliant 4WD tracks, amazing Karri forests and some of the best camping around Denmark and Walpole, I reckon we might have found it.

Boat Harbour Camp and Chalets

Waychinicup Camping, Albany

One of the best camp sites we’ve stayed at for wildlife is not too far from Albany, located on Waychinicup Inlet. From Goanna’s through to Quokkas, amazing bird life and even a python, we really enjoyed watching the amazing animals and great scenery here.

Camping at Waychinicup

Cosy Corner; amazing free camping near Albany

Nothing is better than a camp site that’s completely free, especially when its metres away from a stunning beach, and a region that’s friendly towards campers, with so much to offer. We really love the Albany and Denmark area, and they are regions that you could spend weeks at and still only scratch the surface.

Free camping

D’Entrecasteaux National Park

If you are looking for an awesome adventure, you can’t go past the D’Entrecasteaux National Park. Accessible from a couple of sides, this place is massive, with plenty to do, great 4WD Tracks and a number of locations where you can camp.

D'Entrecasteaux National Park

Fonty’s Pool; spectacular camping in the south west

For years I’ve been seeing photos of Fonty’s Pool in Manjimup pop up, and some of them almost seemed too good to be true. A few weeks back, we decided to check it out for ourselves, and see if it really lived up to the hype.

Swimming at Fonty's

Parry Beach

If low cost camping right near a stunning coast (and Greens Pool) tickles your fancy, Parry Beach is a great option. We watched 22 tonnes of salmon get caught in a net here by commercial fishers, and had a great time.

Camped at Parry Beach

Coalmine Beach Holiday Park in Walpole

If I’m totally honest, I’m not overly fond of most Caravan Parks. Our setup allows us to camp off the grid, and we prefer it this way. However, there are a few caravan parks around the country that I am very happy to stay at, and Coalmine Beach Holiday Park in Walpole is one of them (especially over peak periods, when you want a guaranteed camp site!). 

Coalmine Beach Holiday Park camping

Duke of Orleans Caravan Park

Our favourite Caravan Park might just be Duke of Orleans, located East of Esperance on some of the best coastline you’ll find in the country. Regardless of where the wind is coming in, you’ll find amazing beaches, great fishing and even better 4WD tracks. The caravan park is basic, but so worth it.

Duke of Orleans lookout

Munglinup Beach Camping

The south coast has some pretty amazing camping options, but Munglinup is a cut above the best when it comes to scenery, and incredible reef. If you want a pristine, quiet beach Munglinup is the place to go, and its easy to get to!

Munglinup Beach Camp Site

Normans Beach

There’s some pretty amazing camping if you are prepared to look around, and Normans Beach is one of the less well known, but stunning parts of the world. With its own little river, its a spectacular place to spend a few days.

Normans inlet and beach

Betty’s Beach

Directly opposite Normans Beach lies a stunning little bay known as Bettys Beach. This is used for commercial fishing, but in the off season its a spectacular place to camp up, with some seriously impressive scenery.

Bettys Beach

Thomas River

One of our more enjoyable camp sites East of Esperance was Thomas River. If you have a 4WD there’s a huge beach to explore, along with a number of other bays. The beaches are just as beautiful as Lucky Bay, but with far less people. 

Esperance beaches

Israelite Bay

If you have a 4WD, and a big sense of adventure you can head way East of Esperance and you’ll eventually get to Israelite Bay; a remote fishing mecca that costs you nothing to camp. It’s not nearly as pretty as some of the beaches further west, but its still a magnificent place to visit.

Fishing from the rocks

Flat Rock on the Holland Track

If you’re chasing a quiet, free camp just off the gravel road and onto the Holland Track, Flat Rock is fantastic. We spent our first night of our lap around Australia here, and although you wouldn’t get a caravan in, its a great spot for campers and 4WD’s.

Flat Rock reflections

Mid North West

Karda Campground

Only 20 minutes from Jurien Bay lies a place that took our breath away. This is a beautiful old property that’s been turned into a DBCA camp site, with big, green, rolling hills with kangaroos everywhere, and a truly picturesque backdrop. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Karda, and highly recommend it.

Karda Campground Marri Loop

Coalseam Conservation Park

One of the most amazing places we’ve ever camped at was Coalseam Conservation Park, in the middle of wildflower season. I cannot explain how incredible the huge patches of wildflowers look, and its a stunning area with the river bed and cut out areas. If you are looking for a spectacular place to camp, check this out.

Coalseam Conservation Park

Cliff Head Camping

There’s a couple of amazing camp sites right near the water in between Green Head and Dongara, and Cliff Head is one of them. With a huge amount of room and lots of different camp sites with varying privacy, you can camp right on the beach, or set back and protected by the limestone cliffs.

Camping at Cliff Head

Freshwater Point

Just south of Cliff Head lies Freshwater Point, which is an easy access, beach front camping destination with an amazing, protected bay for swimming. You do need to be very mindful of the bee’s if its hot, but we’d come back here in a heartbeat (when its cooler and the bee’s have gone!)

Freshwater Point Sunset

Ellendale Pool; Geraldton’s hidden oasis

Geraldton is a very popular mid north west destination in Western Australia. There are a stack of fantastic places to camp at ranging from low cost beach side camps to plenty of good Caravan parks to rest your head for the night.

Ellendale Pool reflections

Linga Longa at Lynton Station

We spend a huge amount of time researching, travelling and reviewing various places you can stay at throughout WA. You don’t have to look very hard though, to get an idea of what an amazing country we live in. From time to time though, we come across a real gem, and Lynton Station is exactly that.

You'd never stop beach driving

Horrocks Caravan Park Review

Horrocks beach is absolutely incredible, and has been in the running for Australia’s best beach. If you want somewhere to camp in town, Horrocks Caravan Park is a great place to stay, and we’ve done a review after spending nearly a week there.

Horrocks Beach

Little Bay Horrocks

If you have a 4WD and are prepared to drive out of Horrocks, there’s a great coastal camp a short drive north of Horrocks. It’s almost right on the beach, and is in a stunning little bay (excuse the pun!).

Camping at Little Bay

Coronation Beach

There’s a few Geraldton camping options, and Coronation Beach rates up there with the best. There’s plenty of sites (but it does get busy), its easy to access and the coastline in the area is stunning. It’s also hugely popular for wind and kite surfers.

Coronation Beach Camp site

Hamelin Station Stay near Shark Bay

On our way up to Steep Point, we spent a night at Hamelin Station Stay, and we were seriously impressed with what they offered. It’s a great location, with brilliant amenities, and is really well thought out. If you want somewhere to stay on the way to or from Shark Bay, you won’t go wrong here.

Hamelin Station Stay

Goulet Bluff, Shark Bay

Shark Bay has a couple of shire run camp sites that are low cost, and nothing short of stunning. Goulet Bluff is one of them, and if you get good weather its up there with the best coastal camping you’ll do in WA. Keen to know more? Check this out!

Goulet Bluff

Shark Bay Caravan Park Review

If you’re looking for somewhere to stay in Shark Bay/Denham, we spent a week at the Shark Bay Caravan Park, and have done a review. It’s certainly a great place to stay!

Shark Bay Caravan Park

Big Lagoon at Shark Bay

The closest camp site in Francois Peron National Park is Big Lagoon, which is popular for tents, Camper trailers and some off road Caravans. The drive in can be soft, but its a spectacular place with views that you’ll quickly fall in love with!

Big Lagoon access

Francois Peron National Park

One of the first places that really blew my mind was Francois Peron National Park, at the tip of the Denham and Monkey Mia area. The red cliffs, great fishing and stunning camp sites make for a magic experience. You can camp at Monkey Mia or Denham too, if you want more amenities.

Sunset at Francois Peron

Murchison House Station

Want to camp almost anywhere you want on a property that’s twice the size of Singapore, and has 60 kilometres of coastline? Yes, you read that right; this place is massive, and has more options than you can poke a stick for camping. Everyone knows of Kalbarri, but Murchison House is the other side of the river, and its spectacular.

Fire at Murchison House

Bilung Pool

If there was ever an oasis in the middle of WA, its Bilung Pool. We stumbled across this place whilst returning home from the Pilbara, and it took the cake for the most surprising camp site for that trip. Bilung Pool is nothing short of magnificent, and if you haven’t been there, put it on the bucket list!

Morning at Bilung

Kennedy Ranges

There’s a few places in WA that are seriously under-rated, and the Kennedy Ranges falls into that, big time. We spent a couple of nights at Temple Gorge, and loved exploring the truly stunning scenery. If you like hikes, there’s several days worth of exploring here at least.

Our camp site at Temple Gorge

Mt Augustus Tourist Park

We’re not normally keen on Caravan Parks, and the thought of rolling into our only accommodation option near Mt Augustus didn’t have me overly excited, but it didn’t take long to realise I was way off the mark. Mt Augustus Tourist Park is truly awesome, and really well set up.

Camped near the rock

Coral Coast and Pilbara

Steep Point

Steep Point is the Western most point of Australian mainland, located in the Shark Bay World Heritage Area, some 900km north of Perth. It’s known as one of the best land based fishing locations in the world, and has some of Western Australia’s most impressive coastline.

Shelter Bay Camping

Dirk Hartog Island

The WA coastline is well known for it’s untouched beauty, with some of the best beaches in the world. Over the years I’ve covered a fair bit of what it has to offer, and loved every minute of it. However, every now and again a place appears that stands head and shoulders above the rest.

4WD at Dirk Hartog

Gnaraloo Station

WA has some pretty magic station stays that have incredible coastlines as their backyard. Gnaraloo is one of them, and is hugely popular for those looking to fish, wind surf, kite surf and just surf in general. The beaches are magic, and the station has a huge area that you can explore, and enjoy. The camping is basic, but you don’t go there for amazing amenities!

Gnaraloo Coastline

Warroora Station

If you are looking for remote, beach front, off grid camping on some of the best coastline in the world then Warroora Station might just be the place for you. Perched right on the Ningaloo Reef, this station has a huge reputation built up over the years, and is a spectacular stay for a few days, or weeks at a time. With world class fishing, camping and boating away from the crowds, its well and truly worth a stay.

Warroora Station Camping

Bruboodjoo; 9 mile camp on the Ningaloo

The Coral Coast has some great camp sites, and most of them are run by the DBCA. There is one though, that’s a bit different, called 9 mile camp, or Bruboodjoo. Being on the Ningaloo Coast you can’t go wrong, but its well priced, has a stack of room and is fairly easy to get to in the scheme of things.

Lots of room at 9 mile

Ningaloo Station

Recently taken over by DPAW, the Ningaloo Station is a spectacular part of coastline just south of Coral Bay. With more camp sites than you can poke a stick at, all within a few metres of the amazing Ningaloo Coastline, you really can’t go wrong!

Camped on the beach

Cape Range National Park

One of the most popular National Parks in Australia is Cape Range near Exmouth, and for good reason. Backing right onto the Ningaloo Reef with some of the best beaches in the country, low cost camping and lots to see its a winner year round, as long as the wind stays down. This post covers where you can camp, what attractions there are and heaps more.

Osprey Bay Camp site

Coral Bay Caravan Park

Whilst Coral Bay isn’t the sleepy town it used to be, its still up there with the most incredible little towns in WA, and if you want to camp there, you’ll have to stay at one of the two caravan parks. Find out what you need to know about them here.

Peoples Park Coral Bay

Wooramel Station

Not far south of Carnarvon lies another private property known as Wooramel Station. With its artesian spas and great camping area its extremely popular

Artesian Spa

Osprey Bay, Cape Range National Park

Some of the best camping in Australia can be found in Cape Range National Park, and Osprey Bay is one of the best camp sites on the coast. If camping metres away from the Ningaloo Reef tickles your fancy, check out Osprey Bay.

Osprey Bay Camp site

Yardie Creek

One of our favourite places along the Coral Coast is Yardie Creek. Not only is it absolutely incredible at sunset, but you can camp metres away and experience it for days on end. The rock wallabies, perfect stand up paddle boarding or kayaking up the creek or just watching the amazing Ospreys make for a pretty perfect location, and that’s completely ignoring the amazing Ningaloo Reef!

Yardie Creek Crossing

Incredible camping at Cleaverville, Karratha

One of our favourite coastal camp sites in the Pilbara early on was Cleaverville, and we’ve been back a few times since. It’s easily accessible, close to Karratha, has incredible fishing and the creeks and views are nothing short of incredible. 

Camper trailer at Cleaverville

Cape Keraudren; Camping on the Pilbara’s Coast

Nice. Terrible. Amazing. That was the three stages I went through when describing Cape Keraudren, for our short stay in May.

Sunset in the Pilbara

80 Mile Beach near Broome

There’s lots of great camping between Port Hedland and Broome, and 80 Mile Beach is hugely popular, and extremely well set up. If you want to kick back on a magic beach, watch amazing sunsets, try your luck on a threadfin salmon and beach combe for incredible shells, this is the place for you!

80 mile beach sunset

Pardoo Station

There’s something about camping on private property that we completely love, and Pardoo Station is the epiphany of adventure. The camping is much like a caravan park, but the 4WD tracks will take you to incredible creeks, tidal flats, rocky cliffs and pristine beaches, and that’s where the real fun is had!

Camping at Pardoo

Karijini National Park

There’s a couple of places that often get referred to as the best National Park in Australia, and Karijini is one of them. Most people camp at Dales Gorge, but you can stay at the Eco Retreat too. The whole area at Karijini is nothing short of magic, and you should make the effort to visit.

Amazing views at Kalamina

Dales Campground

Within the stunning Karijini National Park lies Dales Campground, which is a short walk to Fortescue falls and Fern Pool. It’s the primary place that people stay at Karijini, and is a great stay for a few days.

Camped at Dales

Kalgan’s Pool in the Pilbara; the best free camp we’ve stayed at

We’ve stayed at a huge number of camp sites around WA, and loved many of them. However, every now and again you come across something that is truly magic, and that’s Kalgan’s Pool to a tee.

Kalgans Pool Breakfast

Chiefs Creek

If you’re after a free, picturesque camp site between Newman and Nullagine, you can’t go too wrong with Chiefs Creek. The river and bird life is spectacular, and despite some road noise its a great place to relax for a bit.

Chiefs creek bridge

Bilyuin Pool; a quiet, free camp on the way to Newman

Bilyuin Pool was our first nights stop on our 3 month trip to the Northern Territory. You’ll find it about 860km north of Perth, or 84km north of Meekatharra. Its about 15km off the bitumen road, and a great place to stop for the night. From there, we went to Kalgan’s Pool in Newman and then Cape Keraudren.

Sunsset at Bilyuin Pool

Dampier Caravan Park Review

If you want to stay in Dampier, you’ll have to book in at the Caravan Park. It’s quite small, opposite a beautiful beach and has everything you need. The town is quite noisy with mining activity, and if you want further information, check out our review.

Dampier Caravan Park

Mesa, Cape Range National Park

There’s so many great camp sites within Cape Range National Park, and we thoroughly enjoyed our 5 nights spent at Mesa. It’s a bit different to the other sites nearby; if you want to know more, check the post out.

Amazing morning at Mesa

Bullara Station

Some stations have huge reputations, and Bullara is one of them. I had high expectations pulling in, and we left feeling like it probably deserves the reputation it has. If you want a great place to stay not too far from Coral Bay or Exmouth, check this out.

Bullara Station

Albert Tognolini Rest Area

Despite driving past this place a number of times, we never realised the Albert Tognolini Rest Area and lookout was so beautiful, and that you can stay there. If you are anywhere near Newman and Auski Roadhouse, call in here and check it out; you’ll be amazed at the spectacular views.

Access to Albert Tognolini

Carawine Gorge

If you’ve never explored the Marble Bar region, put it on the list. We were completely awed by the scenery and attractions, and Carawine Gorge was just the start of it. It’s completely free, has incredible views and there’s some great attractions not too far away!

Carawine Gorge

Skull Springs

If you have a 4WD, a sense of adventure and a smaller camping setup, you can camp at Skull Springs, which is nothing short of spectacular, and it is completely free. We had an absolute ball here, and rate it as one of the best kid friendly camp sites in WA.

Camped near the water

Coppins Gap

Another fantastic free camp near Marble Bar is Coppins Gap. It’s quiet, isolated and has a great pool that you can swim in, if you can brave the water temperature! We really loved our stay at Coppins Gap, and would go back in a heartbeat.

Pilbara Camping

George River Gorge

Keen to get away from the crowds and stay at a 4WD accessible only destination in the Millstream Chichester National Park? George River Gorge has a number of incredible camp sites at the end of a fun 4WD track, in the middle of the National Park.

Millstream mornings

Running Waters

These days its hard to find places that are a big step up from what we’ve already seen, but Running waters is a magnificent location, and quite possibly the best place we’ve ever been to in Australia!

Running Waters

Tiger Eye Pool

We were quite shocked at how stunning Tiger Eye Pool is, and its only a couple of minutes out of Tom Price, with the spectacular Mt Nameless 4WD Track not far away either. If you’ve got kids, they’ll love this spot.

Night at Tiger Eye

Magic Pool

If you are a 4WD nut, and love remote places Magic Pool is quite possibly the best place we’ve ever been to, and that’s no stretch of the truth. Located between Tom Price and Paraburdoo, it well and truly lives up to its name.

Magic Pool camp site

Meentheena Veterans Retreat

Despite its name, Meentheena Veterans Retreat is open to everyone, and its a truly magnificent slice of the Pilbara, with great camping and 4WD tracks to explore. We had an amazing few days here, and still didn’t get to see everything.

Meentheena Veteran Retreat

Cheela Plains

There’s a couple of stations in Western Australia that have huge reputations, and Cheela Plains is one of them. We visited to see if it really lived up to the hype, and here’s our thoughts.

The wall at Cheela Plains

Glen Herring Gorge

Sarah says this is her most favourite camp site that we did in our 3 week Pilbara trip, and we saw some pretty incredible places. Located not far out of Marble Bar, this gorge is free to camp at, has amazing views and you can even swim there if the water levels are high enough.

Glen Herring Gorge in Marble Bar

40 Mile Beach

If you want an easy to access camp right on the beach not too far from Karratha that you can book, fish, mud crab and enjoy the scenery. There’s a massive number of camp sites available but they fill up fast, so book early!

Our camp site near Karratha

Bush Bay, Carnarvon

Not too far south of Carnarvon lies an epic beach front camping location known as Bush Bay. We had some of the best weather around, and highly recommend it

Camping at Bush Bay

The Kimberley

Bungle Bungles Camping

The Bungle Bungles are a truly awesome scene to see, from the Bee Hives through to Cathedral gorge. If you are looking for somewhere to camp in Purnululu National (and you should, as its a hike in!), this post covers your options and what to think about.

Kimberley Bungle Bungles

Port Smith Lagoon

Some of the beaches between Port Hedland and Broome will blow your socks off, and Port Smith Lagoon is one of the more unique ones. Watching the tides fill a beautiful lagoon with the bluest water you’ve ever seen is nothing short of spectacular, and this place has amazing fishing and boating to be enjoyed.

Fishing at Port Smith Lagoon

Roebuck Roadhouse

If you want an overnight stop outside of Broome, Roebuck Roadhouse is a great place to pull up for the night. It’s a nice caravan park with great food on offer, and well appreciated by travellers heading in either direction.

Grass sites at Roebuck

Broome Caravan Park

After staying at Cable Beach Caravan Park many times, we spent a number of days at the Broome Caravan Park, located just outside of Broome itself. It’s a popular place to stay with a great pool, lots of sites and its generally considered one of the safer caravan parks in Broome.

Broome Caravan Park Pool

Larrawa Station

The drive between Broome and Kununurra is roughly 1050km by bitumen along the Great Northern Highway or 920km by the gravel on the Gibb River Road.

Larrawa River

Cable Beach Caravan Park Review

Our first trip to Broome in 2015 was spent at Cable Beach Caravan Park, before we headed to Cape Leveque and The Gibb River Road. We loved the park, and had no hesitation in booking it again just recently. We spent 4 nights there again this year, and our opinion hasn’t changed; its a fantastic place to stay.

Cable Beach Caravan Park

Lake Argyle; a truly magnificent place to visit

It wasn’t long after turning onto the road that heads out to Lake Argyle that I knew we were in for something special. Lake Argyle is the second biggest freshwater body, and largest man made lake in Australia. You can look at it on a map and see its big, but until you actually get out there on the lake and see it for yourself, its impossible to fathom.

Mind blown at Lake Argyle


In a sleepy little town not far from Karratha lies a small, private camp site for 4 lucky people each night. If you can get a booking, camping at Settlers Beach in Cossack is amazing.

Cossack is amazing

Barn Hill Station

One of our favourite camp sites on the way to Broome is Barn Hill Station. It’s rustic, informal and has some of the best coastline around.

Barn Hill Beaches

Cape Leveque Camping and the Dampier Peninsula

If you want some of the best camping in Australia, the Cape Leveque and Dampier Peninsula north of Broome is it. With a huge range of places to camp including the amazing Pender Bay, you can’t go wrong. Some camps are free, and some are not so much. This post covers every camp site in the amazing region, and you’d be mad not to stay at some of them!

Pender Bay views

Barred Creek, Broome

Want to pull up next to a beautiful creek, or on a pristine beach north of Broome and pay nothing to stay? Barred Creek might be for you!

Barred Creek Camping

James Price Point

If you are looking for incredible, free camping north of Broome, James Price Point is the place to be. With its mind blowing red cliffs and huge area for camping in its a no brainer for at least a few nights!

James Price Point

Pender Bay

Further north on Cape Leveque is Pender Bay, which is probably the most picturesque place we’ve ever camped, anywhere in Australia. It’s a magic place and we highly recommend it.

The best camp site in Australia

Quandong Point

Not far from James Price Point and Barred Creek lies another hugely popular free camp called Quandong Point. This has the same stunning coastline as the rest of the Dampier Peninsula Camping, but is a bit less well known.

Quandong Point

El Questro

Located along the Gibb River Road, El Questro Caravan Park and station is a one million acre tourist magnet. Each year, its visited by thousands of tourists from all over the world. It’s developed quite the name for itself. The thing is though, is it really worth the visit? 

Do you have an LSD?

Mornington Wilderness Camp

On our first trip along the Gibb River Road we made a fairly major detour out to Mornington Wilderness Camp, and had an incredible time enjoying the amazing bird life. The camping is fairly typical of that on the Gibb River Road, but the location is not. If you want quiet, amazing gorges and some of the best bird watching on the planet, you’ll love this place.

Sir John Gorge at Mornington

Mitchell Falls; are they worth the detour?

Getting to the Mitchell Falls is quite an accomplishment, with the road being less than average for most of the journey. The camp site is not much to rave about at all, but the walk, falls and water holes on the way are certainly magnificent. If you aren’t sure whether its worth the effort, check this out.

Mitchell Falls

Tunnel Creek and Windjana Gorge

Despite being hugely popular, camping at Windjana Gorge is magic, with some spectacular views, and of course the incredible fresh water crocodiles that are hugely prolific. If you are doing the Gibb River Road, spend a night or two at Windjana Gorge; its amazing, and do a trip out to Tunnel Creek to brave some more adventure.

Camped at WIndjana

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