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This blog is a labour of love, where we’re sharing more than 1400 articles to help you travel, 4WD and camp anywhere in Australia.

The 4WDing Australia blog is run by Aaron Schubert, with incredible support behind the scenes from Sarah. Aaron does the writing and most of the photography, but Sarah loves to pick a camera up too. 

We’ve been avid 4WD owners and campers for more than 16 years, and love nothing more than heading away to explore this amazing country by 4WD. Over the years, we’ve done hundreds of 4WD tracks all over Australia, and spent more than a thousand nights camping, in some of the most sensational destinations around.

To take it to a whole new level, we packed everything up that we own and hit the road full time, to travel around this magical country for a couple of years, on our Lap of Australia.

We own an Isuzu Dmax 4WD and tow a Lifestyle Reconn R2 Hybrid Camper (or Hypercamper, as Lifestyle calls it) that makes up our home on wheels. We’ve got a 4.5 and 7 year old to keep us busy, and they’re loving the lifestyle too (mostly!).

Ferguson Gorge Family photo
Our family, taken a few months back in South Australia a few months into our Lap of Australia
Camper trailer being used off road
Our current 4WD and Hybrid Camper out exploring this incredible country

We’re always on the lookout for 4WD tracks and camp sites in Australia, and continue to look for the best of the best in this truly unbelievable country.

In the past we owned a red Toyota Hilux, then an 80 Series Land Cruiser with all the fruit and towed a Soft Floor Camper Trailer. I also set an off road boat trailer up that we took all over WA to remote, and amazing places to fish and spear.

Hilux canopy
Our first 4WD; a 1997 Toyota Hilux
Pumphreys Bridge camping
Our next setup; an 80 Series Land Cruiser and soft floor camper

We are ‘based’ in Perth and have travelled a large majority of Western Australia by 4WD, being our home state for the better part of 40 years. The big lap of Australia is well underway, and we’ve got sections of the blog covering South Australia, the Northern Territory, then Victoria and finally Queensland too.

Our family at the wall
Enjoying the Pilbara at Cheela Plains Station

Why do we run this blog?

This website was created to share our experiences and help, inspire and guide others to get out and to travel Australia by 4WD

We are constantly learning, and love nothing more than passing on genuine, high quality and relevant information to our audience. We’ve had thousands of comments from people all over the country who are very grateful for simple, independent advice in the 4WD, camping and travel world.

I genuinely detest seeing poor quality (or incorrect) information out there, and we do a massive amount of work behind the scenes. You’ll find trip reports, destination reviews, 4WD tips and technical information, along with product reviews, information on camping and a whole lot more.

Everything you read here is honest, factual and real life based information. There’s a new breed of travellers who provide a cash for comment service, and that’s not us. In fact, if you want to read a controversial post we wrote about this, check out Travelling families and influencers selling themselves.

Almost all of our gear is paid for from our own, hard earned money. If the gear is rubbish, that is made very clear. There’s a lot of dodgy marketing, unethical practices and just poor quality gear on the market and we like to sort out the chaff from the wheat, so you don’t have to.

New inverter
You’ll read honest reviews here, including gear that has failed or underperformed, like this Renogy Inverter Failure

You will not find us giving out discount codes so we can make a dollar, or promoting gear and hash tagging every manufacturer in our social posts, as we aren’t interested in jeopardising our opinions by getting paid to promote them.

We don’t swap our gear out for items just so we can promote them, and we buy and use what suits us, then review it honestly and nothing more.

That said, please note what is on this website is our own honest opinions, and you would do well to do your own research! We will not take responsibility for you following our opinions! DYOR

Want to know more about why we run 4WDing Australia? We’ve got a post dedicated to it!

About 4WDing Australia

We receive over 2 million visitors every year, from people all over Australia (and a small amount internationally). After 14 years of running the blog, we are finally starting to make some money sharing what we love.

This is in the form of the ads you see scattered around the site. It’s not enough to do full time just yet, but it’s a labour of love and we’ve chosen this monetization method over ‘influencing’, being attached to businesses and being salesy, full of clickbait and pushing products left right and centre.

Every single photo on this blog is our own, taken over years of travels throughout Australia, resulting in a substantial image gallery for us to draw from.

We spend a significant amount of time (40+ hours a week) and effort running the blog, and would love it if you could support us by sharing articles, leaving a comment or telling your mates about it. This makes a difference of ridiculous proportions, and we’re very grateful for those who help out.

Feel free to contact us

About Aaron Schubert

Aaron grew up as an outdoor nut, and owning a 4WD has opened up a world of opportunities and fun.

By trade, I’m a Maintenance Manager and qualified Mechanical Fitter and Maintenance Planner. I studied Maintenance Engineering, and have tickets for Forklifts, EWP’s, working at heights, confined space and plenty more.

Before our big lap, I’d spend my days maintaining fixed plant equipment, and then come home to my two little boys and amazing wife, Sarah. 

I’m an avid photographer, writer and enjoy the technical side of blogging too, all of which go hand in hand with great 4WD tracks, amazing camping and incredible trips around Australia.

I love nothing more than extended travel with the camper, 4WD and our family and friends. I also take a great deal of pleasure in breaking down complicated subjects, and providing honest, genuine direction and help for those looking for information.

I’ve written for Snowys along with Hema Maps and Bridgestone Tyres in the past, and have been featured in the Sunday Times and Porch too, along with being a moderator on 4×4 Earth.

With thousands of hours of 4WD experience on hundreds of 4WD tracks all over Australia, I’m a very experienced 4WDer, and love exploring technical tracks that lead to amazing places without doing major damage to our setup. I’ve got nearly 20 years of 4WD experience and a strong mechanical background coupled with a curious mind that loves to understand the detail, and share it around.

If you want to know more, here’s my Linkedin profile; Aaron Schubert on Linkedin.

At the start of the Kirrama Range Road
Aaron loves the outdoors, and is currently loving not working full time, whilst travelling Australia

About Sarah Schubert

Sarah’s a very, very busy mum of two boys. Having spent nearly a decade in child care, she (prior to the lap) stayed at home and looked after our young kids while Aaron was at work. These days, she’s busy with me looking after the kids, doing school work with them or enjoying our many adventures around Australia.

She does a lot of the destination and activity planning on our lap (and finds most of the incredible places we go to), and allows Aaron a huge amount of time to work on the blog.

She loves photography, scrap booking, cooking (only the fun things!), gardening and is constantly asking when we can go camping next! In the past Sarah has often been the driving force for our regular camping trips and for making everything happen so we are ready to go and explore amazing places.

Sarah’s helped create our 50 easy camping meals post, and plenty more.

Sarah with the kids in Mount Gambier
Sarah’s an amazing mum who’s always keen for an adventure

Sarah’s also the brains behind our YouTube channel, and does all of the editing. We’d love it if you were keen to follow along; here’s our big lap series:

YouTube video

Our travels

Before our lap, we’d travel regularly on weekends, burn most of our annual leave on camping trips and every now and again go on bigger trips, like our 3 months up north with a camper trailer.

Now, we are on the road full time for at least a year and maybe two (or even more!). The below map shows where we’ve camped at so far, and has links to posts we’ve written on most of the places!

If you see us out and about, come and say G’day! We love a good chat!

See you out there!